One shot

One shot

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I am on a quick trip to South Louisiana to bring my mother home and
pick up blane’s mom.
I’m in my Rv and I’m blogging from my phone. I only have one day here.
Guess how I spent it?

I did what any self respecting Cajun would do, visited with my family
for a little while then hit the butcher shops for tasso, sausage, and
boudin. Another store for some spices and roux and I’m set with my
Cajun blood booster for a few months. Also bought myself a Saints shirt.
I can only upload one photo from my phone with a blog post and today
was a rainy grey day so it has to be this, tomorrow I’ll post
something pretty or interesting from around here or from the road.


6 thoughts on “One shot

  1. And that’s just a small sampling of the goodies I got. The little freezer in the RV was stuffed and every time I opened it to check the status of the food, the cabin would fill up with the smell of garlic.

  2. Haha, I did the exact same thing last time I went down there. I am trying to talk Amy into buying me a grinder and sausage stuffer so that I can cook up my own sausage and boudin.

  3. I asked Blane to get me a grinder when he went there last weekend, but it was a quick trip and he didn’t make it to JB Sandoz (there are tons of them there).

    I picked up an awesome cookbook while at Ray’s Boudin, it’s called “Down-Home Cajun Cooking Favorites”. You can find it at .
    It’s legit, has recipes for boudin, tasso, courtbouillon, etc. Very old school, and the authors of the recipes are from the area.

  4. That cookbook looks pretty good, from the cover readings I can pretty much spit out most of those recipes. Amy and all my friends say I am hard to shop for. They forget how much I enjoy but hate cooking. I hate making dishes once I have taught someone else how to do it, but I enjoy making things people have not had yet or something I have not made yet. Cooking supplies are always on “get for me” Christmas list. This years Christmas dinner is going to involve 3 birds, two fully de-boned, and one partially de-boned. That is right, I bought a duck…. I am tackling the infamous “turducken”!.!.! I will try to get my photographer (Amy) to take pictures as I go so that I can share the fun times making this thing.

  5. Capone, send me the photos and I’ll do a blog post on it. I’ve done a deboned turkey stuffed with a deboned chicken. Not an easy task and can be dangerous too since the knife has to be so sharp.

    Good luck with this huge project and I hope you get your meat grinder for Christmas.

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