Move along, nothing to see here

Woke up at my mom’s to a beautiful 65 degree sunshiny day. Finished the day in Dallas at about 23 degrees and had to hit the emergency room.

All was going well, really well. We made good time without speeding, only hit a little traffic at rush hour here. When we got home however, Blane’s mom fell before she even stepped foot in the house and broke her leg.

She was supposed to fly back home on Monday night but I’m thinking I might need to drive her home sooner so she can see her orthopedic surgeon.

I’m toast.


4 thoughts on “Move along, nothing to see here

  1. It is, she is miserable, I can see it in her eyes, but she doesn’t say so. It’s so unseasonably cold too, so we can’t go sit outside like we usually do.

  2. Better than i thought. Blane brought her home over the weekend and took her to the doctor on Monday. They didn’t have to do surgery, which was a surprise to me. They put another cast on and said she’ll get it off in about 6 weeks.
    So much better than I thought, thanks for asking.

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