Pretty Ugly Beauty Salon

I usually go all photo crazy when I go to my hometown in South Louisiana, but luck was not with me, it rained and then by the time the sun came out, it was time to leave. I only got the chance to take this one photo in a run down part of town.

I’ve got a couple of images in my head of things I saw and wish I had taken.

The first is from the perspective of sitting on a porch looking out into the yard during a downpour. Above me is a low tin roof much like the one in the photo above. Rain from each little wave in the tin makes long lines of water that fall to the ground.

The second one is from the perspective of the driver’s seat at 70 mph. On the side of the road, a black man walks in our direction. He waves a fishing pole at us, and at the end of it, a huge fish. The man smiles from ear to ear as he shows off his catch to strangers he will never see again.

I wish I could draw.


3 thoughts on “Pretty Ugly Beauty Salon

  1. Norm, I hate missing these shots and probably think about them for too long afterwards. Glad you “saw” it.

    Boz, that is hilarious. I get a visual of a Medussa worm perm.

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