I will get caught up

I know I’m behind with Holidailies, It’s just been a little rough here with the new baby, my mother-in-law in town (she’s nice, I love her), Christmas… And it’s been too cold to do anything, all we want to do is light a fire and sit by it or curl up under a blanket. That’s what we’ve been doing since mother in law broke her leg, she can’t really get around too well as she is in a bit of pain.

I have a ton of posts in draft form just waiting for the right title or some graphics or a better ending or some courage to post what I wrote.

I could write about the 1975 documentary I saw last night, “Grey Gardens” which is about a reclusive mother and daughter pair who lived in the Hamptons.

But that show made me sad and anytime I see something involving mental illness it scares the crap out of me because I know it could happen to anyone.

If you’ve seen it and have some thoughts you’d like to share, spill. (I think the mother made the daughter crazy)


3 thoughts on “I will get caught up

  1. I didn’t see the doc, but I saw the movie with Drew Barrymore as the daughter and Jessica Lange as the mother. The mother did drive the daughter crazy, no doubt about that.

  2. I’ve seen the doc and I’ve asked my son to buy the movie for me for xmas. It’s absolutely fascinating. Have you also seen ” Royce – you know nothing”? on youtube?

    I can’t seem to cut and paste on wordpress today. if you can’t find the video it’s posted in the comments section of my blog December 17

  3. I just added the movie to my Netflix queue. I don’t know why I am so fascinated by this.

    Wow, Nurse, I hadn’t seen it but just checked it out on Youtube. Interesting.

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