On Sunday I went to a cookie exchange party and got to be one of the judges since I don’t compete in the cookie contest.

See all of these cookies?

I had to taste every single one of them. Okay, one of each recipe which means I got to sink my teeth into about sixteen different cookies. The categories I can recall were prettiest, best tasting, most professional looking, best non-cookie… All that sugar must have messed with my memory, I don’t remember the rest of the categories.

I loved this little scene, mice on a candy mountain:

(click on photos to enlarge, you must, especially this one)

Each candy is made with a cherry dipped in white chocolate and a Hershey’s kiss smacked on the front to make it look like a mouse. I think the mountains are made of white chocolate.

It seems as if half of the cookies had some sort of peppermint in them and while I don’t like peppermint (not even in my toothpaste), the one I chose for best tasting had peppermint in it. I find that hilarious, overriding my own big-shot judge self. It made me almost like peppermint and if a cook can do that to my taste buds, they have magical skills.

The cookie I liked the most, the one I thought the prettiest, was a simple old-fashioned gingerbread man.

They were so perfect. I would like to have rearranged them for a better photo, but I didn’t want to upset the baker or seem like a freak, moving cookies around on a plate.

I know how difficult these are to make and have never been able to pull off gingerbread anything. Mine come out dry, cracked and broken. Or too fat, or too skinny. Now I feel like decorating a gingerbread house just so I could get the smell in here. Maybe I’ll buy a kit with the pre-fab walls and get the girls to help me.

I feel a tingle in my cold, dark heart. I think I might be getting the Christmas spirit.


9 thoughts on “Cookies!

  1. I think I’m feeling it too Kitty…I attribute that to the last picture of the Gingerbread Men. Nothing like crunching the head off of something says Holiday Fun to me…ha, ha, ha I mean Ho Ho Ho.

  2. Christmas Mice. I could not find white kisses to make the white ones. They look so nice. Everyone loves those things. I cant make enough.

  3. I’m glad you are starting to thaw. I want only warmth in your gorgeous heart.

    That said, I guess I’m going to either need to thaw and join you or continue to feel all Scroogey all-by-myself (wink).

    The mice are very cute. And I think it is very cool that you have a big enough mind and palate to be able to judge tasty something that ordinarily makes you think “bleuch”. Very cool, indeed.

    • I bought the gingerbread house kit and will get the girls to help me build the thing. We’re not listening to Christmas music though, no way.

    • It’s crazy competitive and wow, this party grows every year. The hostess told me people invite themselves, it’s so popular.
      There had to be at least a hundred people at that party.

  4. Hello Gypsy, I googled gingerbread cookies and your blog came up. I like your posts and sassy attitude! Excellent photography too! (Love the marashino mice.) Come visit my blog sometime, Best wishes and Merry Christmas, MoonWynd Studio

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