Yummy low calorie snacks

I have a sleepwalking disorder in which I get up and nibble on sweets during the night. I try not to buy things such as candy and cakes because I really don’t have much control over this “sleepwalk zombie.” Most of the time I have a half a fridge full of yogurt and since that’s about the sweetest thing I keep in the house, the freak in me goes for that and I get my calcium.

The one I like best is Yoplait Light, the Boston Cream Pie flavor.

It only has 110 calories per 6 ounce container, so I don’t have to worry too much about what sort of damage the freak has done to my figure during the night.

In the last few months I have found a couple of other low calorie snacks to trick any sleep walk freak’s sweet tooth. Jello brand’s sugar free pudding, Dulce de leche flavor has a creamy, caramel taste to die for. Even my kids, my fully awake kids love this stuff, so I buy several multi packs (in the refrigerated section near the other Jello puddings) every time I hit the store.

(Damn you, Jell-O for making me create my own graphic)

The very best low calorie snack I have ever found was something I spotted a few weeks ago. This stuff right here:

It is almost too good to be true. The chocolate flavored Jello Mousse Temptations (click that link for a coupon), tastes almost like real mousse. First time I tried it I thought this stuff has to be evil, there has to be something in it that will make my skin leather up, hair fall out, or grow warts between my eyes. There is no way it is only 60 calories. Impossible.

But that’s what it says.

Notice I haven’t claimed any of these goodies are healthy? That’s because they don’t claim it either. It’s probably better than eating the full sugar version if you are watching your sugar intake. As for the rest, I just don’t know.


5 thoughts on “Yummy low calorie snacks

  1. Holy mother of god (I’m going to hell here, right?), just get yourself an ECLAIR or a box of soft-center chocolates, Kitty. What’s gonna happen if you relinquish yourself to a day of sweets? Nothing consumed in a single day is the end-all and be-all to food consumption, so have yourself a very, merry, Christmas, and eat something FUN. What, you’re going to blow up to the size of that cartoon character in Ghost Busters, the stay-puft marshmallow (or whatever his name was?). Go to Whole Foods and get thee to a treat!!!

    Blessings, and a very happy holiday season to you and your family,

  2. TigerWillow, it tastes like cheating.

    Linda, oh, i have my fair share of goodies now and then, but I can’t do that every night or yeah, I’d blow up for sure. I’m miserable if I just put on a few pounds so low cal treats for me to night snack.

    I’m wishing you the best this holiday season, Linda. Hugs.

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