Chicken Thing

Wii came out with a new game, WiiFit Plus. My favorite game on there is the Chicken thing. It might have an official name, but that’s what we all call it because you get on the balance board and flap your arms like a chicken to fly.

I know chickens don’t really fly, and neither do people, but with this game it feels like you’re really flying.

What’s even better is you work up a sweat without even realizing it. This game is so worth the twenty bucks. Even if you’re just watching.


7 thoughts on “Chicken Thing

  1. Chickens can fly. They do not soar like eagles but they definitely get airborne enough to fly up into trees. Generally you clip their wings so they do not do that, if they are free range, or they live in a coop where it is not an issue. But I have seen them fly.

  2. Forgot to mention, the game is $20 if you already have the balance board from WiiFit, the first game.
    If you are new to WiiFit, the game setup with board is $99 US.

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