White Christmas? Really? In Texas?

It’s hard to believe there is a chance of snow for Christmas Eve, really, I can’t believe it. Yesterday it was sunshine and 72 degrees. For the last few hours it has been pouring down rain, maybe mixed with a little hail, whatever it is, it’s loud and I like it. When it quiets down, I run to the windows to see if the snow’s started.

That is a magical moment, when rain turns to snow. Reminds me a little of being on the runway in an airplane when it lifts off.

I’m such a doofus, I get a rush out of that. I probably should be shaking at the knees while a plane is taking off, it’s one of the most dangerous parts of flight, but noooooo, not me, I’m all giddy like a five-year old. I tune my ears to the sound of the wheels on the pavement, glare out the window at things zooming past, place my hands on the armrests to feel the vibrations of the plane. When it comes, that sudden, smooth change from riding to floating, I smile. Every single time.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a White Christmas. The one time it snowed here for the holidays, we were in Louisiana visiting family. I got to see all the magical Christmas snow of Dallas on the news over there.

Maybe with this big snowstorm I’ll get my turn to see one? I feel like I’m sitting in a plane on the runway. Fingers crossed.


4 thoughts on “White Christmas? Really? In Texas?

  1. My whole conscious life whenever a plane takes off, at the exact moment you describe, I cry. Not a lot. I don’t blubber you understand. Just a few elegant, inescapable tears (smile). It’s an extraordinary feeling but for me it is about feeling ripped from the earth, this feeling that I do not belong where I cannot put my feet down and walk… I fly anyway… And I have grown into enjoying travelling itself but that moment… Powerful and overwhelming.

    There is a colour to the sky that I can see under my blinds some mornings, a quiet to the city sounds, and I know it’s snowing before I even get out of bed.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and that you get that hush and that snow.

    You deserve magic MizzKitty.

  2. Elegant tears. That is so very Sulya. It is an overwhelming moment.

    I can’t believe my eyes. It is snowing. It’s not big chunks, but it’s getting thicker.
    At 37 degrees it won’t stick, but it is really pretty to see.

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