I’m a big fan of As Seen on TV things, in fact I’m known to piss away money on just about every product they can throw at me. It’s a big joke in this family, my weakness for those things.

I was never impressed with the Snuggie, however, and the jingle makes me cringe.

I am impressed with their marketing. Who would have thought those things would be such a hot selling item? The stores around here, they knew. Starting at halloween they had mountains of them for sale. Intuition or whatever you call that inner voice said, buy one of those stupid things because there will be none left a week before Christmas and you will want to send that to someone. I resisted buying one until I saw all of those stacks of Snuggies dwindle down to nothing.

Sure as shit I did find myself driving around looking everywhere for the blanket with sleeves to give my mom. I don’t know why I thought I had to get it for her, but by the time I found one on, I had pretty much convinced myself that my mom would freeze to death in her house without it.

Then I wanted to get one for Blane. Now that’s bat shit crazy because we don’t want or need another blanket in the house. We have stacks of throws in a basket behind the sofa and there is no room for another.

So why did I buy him an electric throw for Christmas?

One thing in particular I haven’t wanted in this house is an electric blanket. It’s not about the fire hazard or that we don’t have room for it, it is about an aversion to them. I don’t even like seeing them in stores. I know that sounds crazy, but when my dad was dying in the hospital he kept asking everyone to bring him an electric blanket, that he was so cold.

I knew hospitals don’t allow them and he was too sick to understand that or to remember that he had already asked for it a million other times.

So I hate electric blankets because they remind me of a dying wish that was not fulfilled.

And this has been sixteen years since my father passed.

So while looking for that Snuggie thing, I got to go near the electric blanket section in the store and I had my usual gutted feeling. Then I thought, I have got to think about this differently. I grabbed one and bought it.

Got home, wrapped myself in that thing and felt almost as if I’d gotten a hug from my dad.

I went out the next day and bought more “hugs” for Christmas. One for Blane, one for my son, one for his wife. They loved them. It was a great gift, and probably way better than a Snuggie.


9 thoughts on “Covered

  1. Oh Kitty. That was so brave and so smart. Working with the powerful, sad triggers in our lives to turn them around, to alchemize them, is one of the hardest things we ever do.

    And hugs are way better than gold.

  2. I sure could use one of those electric hugs right about now. Either the battery or the alternator went south this morning on the way to work. You never know how much you appreciate heated leather seats, power windows, and a heater until you are stranded for almost an hour with no power, a giant crack in the window and seats that get colder than a witches ass. Now I am chilled to the bone and can’t seem to warm up.

    Off to the parts house! Wonderful day it is.

  3. Oh, smart woman challenging yourself like that – and I love how it all turned itself around for you. Lovely.

    I swear the Snuggie craze has been worse than ever! I now know so many people who have one, yet I resist. I sat around in my robe the other day and guess what – it worked fine! But I am also always tempted by the As Seen on TV stuff. You should review some of the things you’ve bought – you know, as either a warning to the weak minded like me 🙂

  4. Colder than a witches ass? Ahahahahaha.
    One time Shane, Boosie, and I went out on foot to go crawfishing. Way out by Standard Fittings. I was about 8 or 9. Don’t know why we walked so far, but by the time we got there a cold front blew in. Didn’t get to drop a single net. The walk back seemed like hours and at times we’d cry we were so cold. All I could think about was this cartoon where a bear has a house in a hollow tree and he gets in his bed with his warm quilt.
    It took the rest of the day by the space heater to warm up.
    From then on, that incident was the one we used to measure misery.

    Christina, I’m so glad no one gave me a Snuggie for Christmas. It was my biggest fear, getting one of those.

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