Next stop, flash

I finally ordered that clamp for the flash to go on the umbrella stand I got last year. Now I’m looking at ring flash adapters and it seems as if I’ve gone down the rabbit hole. My attention is just all over the place, one minute I’m looking at the Ray Flashes and the next I’m all over soft boxes.

I got a new lens for Christmas, a Canon 28-135 f3.5 with image stabilization. It’s okay, but not as spectacular as the Canon 50mm f1.4 lens I got last year. Seriously, that fitty is just amazing. If I could have only one lens for the rest of my life, it would be that one. It’s a light eater and has a crisp focus. Even better, it is small and lightweight. With the new lens, everything looks sort of fuzzy and dim.

The thing about the 50mm lens is it is fixed, so I can’t zoom in or out with it. It’s great for portraits, but not so good shooting landscapes and wildlife. Still, it’s the lens I take with me on vacation since it is so lightweight.

Here’s a photo with the 50mm lens at 1.4 on an overcast day.

It’s supposed to snow here later today so I’ll go outside and try that new lens. Maybe it’ll do better out there than inside the house since it needs more light.

Anyway, I’m ready move on and master that flash, that way I won’t have to rely so much on natural lighting. I keep a photoblog :::here::: if you are interested.


6 thoughts on “Next stop, flash

  1. I once looked at alienbees but decided to pass. I read great things about them on other photoblogs. I got a new lens for Christmas too. 75-300mm. Got a new body as well olympus e620. I decided to stick with olympus being my first was as well and the lenses are compatible.

  2. The Alienbees are awesome, but not very portable. Rayflash is known to cause some serious redeye, so I don’t know…

    Congrats on the new body and lens. Do you have a place online where you keep your photos, a photoblog? If not, you should start one, Ape, I love your photos.

  3. Ditto on that 50mm. My favorite lens, forever, even though I tend to go for the 17-40L more and more because I am obsessed with W-I-D-E.

    Are you using the newer 5D? Does it have spot metering? I just played with an XS and those lil’ pups have spot metering now! It made me wonder if the newer 5D (Mark II, I think… why so many names, Canon!?) had the same feature.

    I have a telephoto, too — your same one! I used it quite a bit at the beginning but I think it needs a good cleaning — it’s gotten clunky. Now I’m hoping you’ll inspire me to take it out some more — or get going on the mailing it in and having it serviced!

  4. Holly, yes, the mark 2 has spot metering. I do use the 5D Mark 2, but still haven’t learned all of the features. I’m yet to read the entire manual.

    I’d love to have a wide angle lens, that will probably be my next lens purchase, the 17-40.

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