Ghetto Med

I’ve been knee deep in a class for my nursing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or hours so I’m screeching in here to make a Holidailies post and have no idea what to write because I’ve been studying diabetes all day.

Photos! There’s always something rat-holed in iPhoto, just waiting to be posted. This one stood out.

An xray of my mother-in-law’s fractured fibula (broken leg).

Can you see the break? It is that long lateral dark line in that thin bone to the right.

How I got this from an 11×14 film (hard copy) to a jpg image is the story.

The ER doctor discharged my mother-in-law and said she would not need surgery. I was worried the sharp point on one of the fractured pieces was puncturing the other bone. The gap between the two broken ends seemed a bit wide too. So I called a friend of mine, a radiologist who lives in Louisiana (where my mother-in-law lives) and asked her to look at the xray. She asked me to email it to her. All I had was the hard copy, not a digital image.

I tried to scan the film with my scanner. Didn’t work.

I have a couple of halogen lights on the vent hood above my stove that are crazy bright. So I taped the films to the vent hood in front of the lights, put a plain white sheet of paper behind the light, and took a photo of the film.


Digital x ray. My friend was quite impressed, she didn’t think I’d be able to really email that image to her where she could actually see anything. And she thought it was funny.

Ghetto medicine. We do stuff like that every week at the free clinic where I work, we make do with what we have. Gives the mind a good challenge and that’s just one of the reasons I like it so much.

Back to my CEUs.


5 thoughts on “Ghetto Med

  1. Awesome awesome awesome awesome. I love folks with the smarts to find a plan B. Or C. And when necessary, D, E, F, and so on.

    And very very sorry about your MIL’s awful break!

  2. It is definitely the most amazing team of people I’ve ever worked with. Best job I’ve ever had.

    My MIL got a walking cast this week, so she’s progressing well, poor lady, she broke her foot just as we walked through the door after the 7 hour drive here.

  3. Hi Kitty,

    Thats very clever.:-) .

    Been busy these days, loads of work, but when i look here the feeling is different.Thanks for the writing and thanks to Holidailies.


  4. Thanks Kumar. It is always so good to see you around when you are on work break. Take more of them.

    Nursey, I’m pretty sure you would have figured something out, smart as you are.

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