I got the giggles

This is a lovely short from Iran. Four people in a compartment on a train. They go through a dark tunnel and there is a kiss and then a slap.

Who kissed whom? Who got slapped? Of course, it is never what you think. This one got me laughing at the end and crawled up under my skin and kept me laughing for a while.

Who did you think did the kissing and the slapping?


6 thoughts on “I got the giggles

  1. I thought the older guy kissed the younger man.

    But yes, those two younger ones are overwhelmingly beautiful.

    The acting in here is so subtle and brilliant. The way the old woman’s hands stop knitting when they come out of the tunnel. The old man rubbing his cheek. The younger man with that smug look on his face. I’ve seen a few Iranian films and the acting is always top notch. Like it’s really happening.

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