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I’ve read there are only about ten stories circulating around the world that keep getting rehashed and told differently. In theatre classes, I’ve learned there are only two types of stories, comedy and tragedy.

Even better than that, and I learned this one from my kid, there are only two stories in the world: Stranger comes to town and hero goes on a journey.

That is probably the single most important thing I’ve ever learned about story.

Back to real life. A few months ago my husband Blane got some tickets to Japan. I’m a fearless traveler most of the time, but the thought of this one really has me nervous. I know absolutely nothing of the place or culture. I bought a couple of travel books and I don’t know if it is the fear or the boredom that keeps me from reading them, but I haven’t.

So we’re going, and even though I’m scared shitless, I’ll take you along with us as i’ll have internet access where we’ll be staying. We’re going on a journey. It’ll be fun, like the biggest roller coaster we’ve ever been on. With a blindfold. You ready?


12 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

  1. Okay I know why I haven’t cracked a book on Japan. It is because I’ve done this before and no book ever really prepared me for what I was about to experience. If it did, it’d probably take the fun out of it.

  2. Japan? Oh I am so envious! I would love to go to Japan. In June I’m off to Dordogne, France and then to a Greek Island. Maybe I’ll go to Japan on the next trip.

    I would go to the Toy Museum for sure and check out all the Gothic Lolita girls on the street. Maybe this website would give you some tips

  3. Thanks for the link Nursey.

    Dordogne is one of my favorite areas in France. It’s so green and quaint. Love, love, love it there. Topping it all off with a visit to a Greek island is the perfect way to end a vacation.

    Can’t wait to see your photos.

  4. I always thought it was Romance, Tragedy, Satire, and Comedy. And by that rationale, romance is hero on a journey, and tragedy is a stranger coming into town. That was easy. The other two are harder.

    I like that.

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