What have they done to Count???

This is the time of year for fall photos, apple cider, trick-or-treat, and Monster cereal.

While I’m more of a Grape Nuts kinda girl, I do love Count Chocula and Frankenberry this time of year, so I picked up a couple of boxes at the grocery store.

Remember Count Chocula?

Have you ever wondered what the hell those two pointy things are on the top of his head? Is that supposed to be his hair or is that a very strange monster cap?

Doesn’t matter, I guess. Look what they’ve done to him.

He looks much younger with his groomed brows. Still, he’s not a sexy vampire if that’s what they were going for.

Remember Frankenberry?

They got him too.

I can’t believe that removed that smoke stack from his head, that was my favorite part.


4 thoughts on “What have they done to Count???

  1. I think these new illustrations of the count and Franken berry are brilliant! I may be biased being an illustrator though.

    And I don’t think they’ve removed the smoke stack from Franken berry but you just don’t see it due to the cropped design.

    BTW here is a link to the redesigned boo berry.

    • Oh, you’re right about the smoke stack, they’ve moved it to the other side of his head and it is cropped out.

      Thanks for posting the link, the new Boo Berry looks a little like the Michelin Man.

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