My Circus Kitchen Recipes

Here are some posts I’ve done with recipes:

Strawberry Cake with Never Fail Icing

Don’t Smother Me Bro! (Smothered Cabbage)

Happy Thanksgiving! How to cook a pumpkin and pumpkin bread

What Would Elvis Do?

Let’s Go to Cafe Du Monde (French Market donuts)

Beignets (yeast dough, takes longer, but more like Cafe du Monde’s recipe)

Cookie Baking Mamas and Papas (winning holiday recipes from a local cookie exchange)

Sweet Potato Crunch (casserole)

Save the Kransekake! (traditional Scandinavian cookie cake)

Homemade Southern Biscuits

Smothered Chicken (Sticky Chicken)

Buss Those Chops (pork chops with caramelized onion gravy)

Let’s Make A Gumbo

Why Debone? (how to bone any bird)

Blog friend’s recipes I like:

Melanie’s Mom’s Navy Bean Soup

Why I call this page The Circus Kitchen: Because of this and that.


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