Eat or Be Eaten?

I was flicking through the channels one night during the holidays and landed on a show on Animal Planet, “I Shouldn’t Be Alive.” It’s been around since at least 2007, but I’d never seen an episode. I’d seen it in the guide, but the description made it seem like a medical show, one where people come in with a hatchet stuck in the middle of their skull. Or shot with a nail gun between the eyes. I’m a little burnt out on those.

No. This show is recreations of true life stories where people get trapped or stranded out in the Amazon or the freezing mountains of Transylvania. With a broken leg. Or a thigh muscle ripped out of their leg by a bear. No cell phone. Have to crawl eight miles through three foot snows to get help. Wolves, cayotes, or buzzards lurking to eat up the person trying to survive. No food. No water.

That kind of show. And I’m hooked. (the stress of this show could be what caused the blood vessel in my eye to blow, I tell you, it makes my heart race.)

I went looking around the internet to find out more about this show and ran across a funny comment a fan wrote. I can’t find it right now but will paraphrase:
“This is the best show ever on TV. It teaches you all about how to survive being stuck in the freezing mountains, how to fight off wild animals… Eat or be eaten.”

Okay. I’m not that sort of fan. Eat or be eaten? But that really made me laugh.

On Wednesday january 5th, 2011 Animal Planet is having a “I shouldn’t Be Alive” marathon of back to back shows beginning at 2PM eastern time. I got my DVR set to record.


Blane’s Amazing Bubble Show

My son Blane let me use his underwater camera to film his bubble show. It’s an old camera and the battery died on us quickly, but it’s still an amazing show.

Next week I’ll show you the dog’s swimming video. I’ve been busy and my wrists are acting up on me so not much writing these days.

Spanky’s Star Struck

Spanky and I were on our way to the Fall Out Boy concert Friday night when I said if I was a psych major I’d do research on why people like certain songs over others. Those things fascinate me.

She popped in a Led Zeppelin CD and when it got to “Stairway to Heaven” I asked her what I always ask when that song plays, “Why do you think so many people say this is the best rock song ever created? Is it the lyrics, or is it the music? Or both?

I tell her one thing I’ve noticed about people and that song. When somebody dies, a surviving friend will wear that song out. I’ve see grown men cry to it.

Then we just listen and allow each other to point and say, “This is my favorite part” several times.
“Wait, no, this part.”
“That one too.”
We both agree the section when the drums come in is also our favorite part.

I tell Spanky it’s as if someone took the favorite parts of a bunch of songs and put them all in Stairway to Heaven. She agrees. She also knows we will talk about this again next time we hear the song. We’ve been on a Zeppelin tear for a good two weeks running.

The concert, yeah…
We had some fantastic pit tickets and got there to see Fifty Cent open. Spanky said it was surreal being fifteen feet from him. She never thought she would ever end up in the same room with Fitty. I, too, found it absurd.

But hey, you gotta respect a guy who got shot in the face and lived to sing about it.

I had seen Fall Out Boy perform live on tv before and wasn’t expecting much. Some bands just can’t cut it live. They were great and we were blown away by their performance. Stumps vocals were in tune and it’s early in the tour so everyone’s fresh.

Hanging to the back of the pit works well for us, we can see everything and are still close. At one point a huge mosh pit opened up and I teased Spanky, told her if she could run straight through “the hole” without getting slammed she’d end up right next to center stage. It wasn’t the usual mosh pit, not rough at all, so we did actually make a run for it and got about 5 people deep from the stage. In the sweet middle, right in front of Patrick Stump.

It was great for a few songs and then the moshers decided to make another pit behind us. I didn’t want to get shoved around, so I took off toward the back of the crowd. Spanky didn’t follow. I couldn’t see where she was, but I knew she would be okay and find me soon.

I kept scanning the crowd for her, walking around the pit edges and then finally parking myself to the front and side of the stage where I could see faces. Where was Spank?

I had just grabbed the barricade and was pretty much by myself because it was such an extreme distance from where the action on the stage was. Then Pete Wentz (the one all the fan girls scream over) jumped on a speaker directly in front of me. He smiled at me then made this flapping motion with his arms. Like a bird. Dude, it was freaky. I think he wanted his picture taken.

So I took pictures!



It really sucked that I didn’t have my good camera.

A little later Wentz jumped off the stage and hung over the barracade to sing. Half his body was directly over the people in center front. Where was Spanky?


No wonder she didn’t come looking for me. He was singing right in her face.

After the show, on the drive home, we resumed Zeppelin analysis. Spanky told me she couldn’t think straight. I told her she was star struck.

As we drove into the garage, Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop” was playing. We got out of the car and Spank said, “That song’s funny, I think it’s about how they’re hanging in the park, the cops come to make arrests but end up smoking pot with them.”

I say, “Hang on, did I miss something? I never heard that part.”

So we listen to the song again once we get into the house. There’s something about a policeman and tea. Spanky says, “Oh, not pot, mushroom tea.”
I crack up. Tell her Zeppelin’s British and they drink tea like we drink coffee. She giggles like the school girl she is and turns red, red, red.

Two Tearjerkers and A Dud

I saw three movies recently, Slumdog Millionaire, Yesman, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Slumdog is a story about a young man, Jamal, who is on the brink of winning the Indian version of “Who wants to be a Millionaire.” Through a series of interrogations (and torture) by the police who believe he cheated, the story unfolds in flashbacks. One slice of his life for each question he answered on that show.

This is an English language film set in Mumbai and directed by Danny Boyle, the same guy who did Trainspotting. I love this guy’s work, particularly the camera angles and the breakneck pacing of the story which moves, moves, moves.

There were some moments in this film when I was on the verge of tears, but he movie doesn’t really ask for audience pity. Yeah these kids are street orphans, but they are survivors and seeing them win every battle is what really makes you cry. Go see that if you get a chance, it is my favorite movie of 2008.

Yes Man was a disappointment.  Say “No” to that one. I liked the concept, but the casting was off. I’m supposed to be grossed out that an old woman gives Carrey’s character a bj, but am supposed to root for him when he is romantically involved with a young woman (pretty much the same age difference)? Nah. That was just gross. Maybe another middle-aged actor could have pulled it off, but not Carrey. It’s not just me who was put off by this, my 15-year old was the one who brought it up first. 

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button would have been a much better movie with about a half hour chopped off (it’s 2 hours and 39 minutes). The first part of the movie just dragged on and on. I almost walked out because every seat was taken and the woman next to me kept sneezing. I had to ask myself, Is this movie worth it, me being sick next week?

Two words. Brad Pitt.

Oh man. I wasn’t prepared for a tear jerker. I don’t cry that much in movies, not that I don’t want to, I just don’t want to be seen blubbering in public so I’m good at holding it in, or at least hide the few tears that escape. With this one, I just couldn’t. So the tears just rolled and rolled and I let them go because hell, everyone was sniffling. I actually had to stop myself from heaving, I wanted to scream cry. Fuck, I’m crying right now just thinking about it.

Rarely have I ever been that moved by any story.

Because of my nursing background, I am able to appear normal during times of extreme stress and emotion. We’re trained to be like that. With the Buttons story, I think it was because of my background that I had such an extreme reaction. It took something I’d seen a zillion times, turned it upside-down, and caught me by surprise. There were probably years and years of repressed sobs in my Kleenex last night.

Christmas is Trucking Along

Guess what FedEx brought today?

Season 2 Ice Road Truckers DVDs! Two sets.


I love free stuff. I was running around the house telling everyone it was really true, the lady was legit, and she came through with the DVDs.

It’s ridiculously cold today for Texas, 30 fricking degrees F. I have a little bit of shopping left to do, but I wasn’t about to get out there and do it today.

Nope, I curled into a ball next to my dogs to watch people who were colder than I. Ice Road Truckers.

Don’t forget, I have an extra set to give away, so if you’re interested, go to :::this post::: and leave your comment with your best guess to win.

So far I’m liking what I’m seeing, the photography of the arctic is phenomenal.

I especially like the underwater and through the ice shot of the underneath of the Mac truck. How the hell did they do that?

What I’m not liking is they bleeped out all the cuss words. This is a DVD and these are real life truckers. Maybe there’s an optional bonus track with an unedited soundtrack. Hmmm.

You have until Christmas to win the prize. Ladies with sons (Sulya? AJ, Ginny?), this would be a wonderful show for them to watch. Big trucks. Ice. Tough guys…

Wanna Play a Game?

Want to win something? I got an email from someone over at A&E Home Video, and they saw my post where I mentioned Ice Road Truckers. They said they want to send me a review copy of season two AND some extras if I want to do a giveaway on the blog.

I find this absolutely hilarious because I’m such a girly-girl, you know, I mean… Look at my Christmas tree.


Do I seem like a person who would watch Ice Truckers?

Well I do, actually. I love that show. It’s gripping, these guys have a goal and if they screw up, they could die. For real. 

So hell yeah I want season two of Ice Road Truckers and I want to get you a copy of it too. I’m going to think up a fun game (maybe you guys can help me out here, too) to decide the winner.

Who’s in?

No Texting While Body Surfing

Where’s Mercury? It’s gotta be retrograde. The last twenty-four hours have been one craptastic thing after another.

It started when I was ready to do my first Holidailies post. That’s when I found WordPress gutted the dashboard and didn’t put all the buttons back. It wasn’t too terrible at first, almost like getting into someone else’s car and looking for the headlights and windshield wipers. You can still drive the thing.

Then Blane reminded me his cousin was coming to town. I’d forgotten about that and he’d forgotten about the concert tickets I had for the night. No big deal, Spanky could bring a friend. No ticket would be wasted.

Thing is, Spanky ended up having to stay home from school. Just a cold. But it kept getting worse and worse. By late afternoon Spanky said she wasn’t going. So I’m calling everyone I know at the last minute to see if they want these tickets.

Finally Spanky changes her mind and she calls a friend of hers who, turns out had been begging her dad to take her to this exact concert. Lucky kid.

This kid, she’s really nice, but she is freaking loud. She’s a theatre student, so, LOUD. 

And she never stops talking. She talks over the irritating nav system lady’s voice and I miss a key turn. She’s smart enough to know what she does to people’s nerves and apologizes. Poor kid. Poor us. The thing that kept running through my mind was, I hope they have those concert speakers way up, I can’t wait to see this kid’s mouth move and not be able to hear her.

We saw Snow Patrol first, an Irish Indie band that never fail to make me feel melancholy. But what cracked me up about these guys was how they came out cussing up a storm and there was like, no reaction. This audience were, uh, let me just say, more the studious type, not the Metallica crowd. In fact, there was absolutely no pit.

So no body surfing. What I did notice was a ton of people texting. At a concert? Ah hell, I decided to get online too, check the blog. See, I left moderation off and I wanted to see if there was anything out of control over here.

Some way, some how, in all this new WordPress ruckus they managed to change my avatar to my creepy photo of me that I used for the halloween season. Great. I will scare off all the new people on day one. Thanks WordPress. (And many hours later, I am still unable to change back to my smiling-happy-welcome-here face.)

Between sets we went out to the lobby to see who was at the autograph signing table. No clue who these guys were, Carolina something or other, but the fan girls were worked into a frenzy. Two of them crawled under the rope and begged this guy to pose with them for a photo. He rolled his eyes but agreed. What was really pitiful about these “fangirls” was they appeared to be in their late thirties (the band dudes, early twenties).


And they kept giving this poor guy come hither eyes.

Death Cab for Cutie pulled of a great set and we were done for the night. Wait, time to go home and entertain the house guests.

Get in the car, “Empty.” (Blane I will kill you a thousand times for this)


The Nav lady spazing, “Lost satellite reception.”

Finally find a gas station and it’s freezing cold. So I’m sprinting to go pay for the gas and my keychain explodes. Keys all over the parking lot. Don’t ask me how that happened, I am still clueless, but there were little patches of oil for every single key.

So I’m running around the parking lot, dodging cars and picking up keys thinking, I am going to get run over and my legacy on the blog will be that stupid-ass halloween avatar.

Why Debone?

People who have not had a turkey this way ask “why debone?”

Besides it being a new twist (I’m a writer, I’m big on twists) on an old tradition, it’s great if you have a small oven and a big turkey. It also cooks faster, doesn’t tend to dry out, and the seasonings are more uniform throughout. When it’s time to carve it up, well, there is no carving. You just slice right through it like butter and everyone gets to eat it while it’s still hot.


Here’s a photo of the deboned turkey I roasted for Thanksgiving.

I didn’t stuff it since I don’t like my stuffing all sogged up with turkey drippings. After deboning, I rubbed it it with Cajun seasoning (Tony’s is good), some minced garlic, and about a stick of melted butter, then let it marinate for a few hours. It only took three hours in a 325 degree oven to cook. Considering this was a 26 pound turkey (bone in weight), I’ve lessened my carbon footprint along the way.

Here’s a good tutorial on Youtube if you want to know how to debone a turkey or a chicken. If you like to cook, you might want to consider trying it this way. Just make sure you have a sharp knife.

After a lovely dinner with my family and some friends, we all watched Wall-E. It’s a CG animated film, but I don’t think it was made for little kids. It’s about a robot that lives alone on Earth 800 years into the future, when humans have destroyed the planet with garbage and God knows what else. The humans have all gone to live in outer space on a luxury cruise liner where everything is so automated they have all gotten obese and can’t even walk because they’ve lost bone density (that’s what happens if you don’t exercise).

Anyway, poor Wall-E is on Earth cleaning up all the trash and trying to get the Earth inhabitable again for the humans to return. It’s an excellent movie and is out on DVD now.

A couple of our guests mentioned that they saw people were already lined up at Best Buy for their after Thanksgiving Day Sale. This was a full 16 hours before the store opened.

So we all took a ride out to the Best Buy near our house and sure enough, people were really lined up. Some of them had tents. Here’s a photo.


I rolled down the window and asked a guy in line what he was buying. He said a plasma tv for $599. A woman farther back in line said she was buying a laptop computer for $399.
Everyone seemed to be in a wonderful mood, I guess it was sort of like a party out there for them, something different to do.

Blane couldn’t wrap his mind around it. “Why don’t they just go work somewhere for a few hours to make up the difference and buy it at regular price?”

Although I’ve never camped out at a store for deal like that, I have punched a time clock. I can see not wanting to do my regular job, rather hanging with other bargain hunters for the night instead. Also, these people might not have the opportunity to put in extra hours at work. I can understand that.

At about three this morning Scrappy had a panic attack. That means one of two things. Garbage man or big storm. Looked out the window and it was like a monsoon rain.

I feel for the people in that line right now. I hope there was someone in that store to let them inside the first set of double doors to wait out the storm.

Exquisite Cinematography

I found this gem of a short on Vimeo, but you can watch it on YouTube. All I know about this director is he is a filmmaker from Madrid.

The angles and lighting help to convey a tone of pure anxiety. I had to watch it quite a few times as I was completely astonished by this guy’s work. The acting and story line are excellent as well (and there’s a twist at the end), but what stands out for me is the cinematography.

The name of the short is “God Bless You.”

If you like watching on Vimeo, it is here:
God Bless You – Short film from Lizondo on Vimeo.

You Have To Go See This

Okay, I made the video and you all have to go see how we are managing to keep our Obama sign in the yard.

I have done a lot of videos in my lifetime, but I have never edited one. This was my first go.

It’s part reenactment, part prank, all fun.

It’s only four minutes long and that includes the bloopers and credits.

Enjoy the show and make sure you have the sound on:

Let me know what you think, even if you think it sucks. We all had a lot of fun doing it.

Zombies, Monsters, and More

Spank and I went to a halloween shop in town last week. The building had been a furniture store in the past, so it had a lot of floor space.

Lots of scary masks.

And scared customers.



Some hot nurse shoes.

Which they never sold while I was a nurse. 

Then over the weekend we went to Fright Fest at Six Flags in Arlington. They decorate this amusement park with spider webs, fog, you name it, and have actors dressed up in halloween costumes spread out over the grounds.

Over by the carosel they had a group of zombies just lounging around. Crowds gathered and had staring contests with them.

This one got me in his sight and wouldn’t let up. I laughed. He won.

Then some music started up and they all started dancing.

I think they did an amazing job with the costumes and makeup. The dancing is not bad either. Here’s the video:

I have never seen this park so crowded. They also convert some of the rides to haunted houses, so that draws a lot of people out there. We went in a couple of them (it cost an additional $5 for each one, or $15 for a pass to all of them in addition to park admission.

It was a fun day out and the weather was perfect. The haunted houses were done well. I followed one group of people who were so scared they were moving like a school of fish through that thing. Watching them was more fun than the haunted house itself.

Parade Finale

I saved two of my favorite photos of the parade for last. I don’t know why there wasn’t a photo of the Yambilee King and Queen, but they were usually on the last float.

I like this one because it tells a little story of how the Cajuns got to Louisiana. Also, the people on the float are dressed in traditional Acadian costumes.

Can you guess which one of these gowns is my favorite in the below photo? Extra candy if you guess the right one.

Can you also guess why the horsemen/women come at the very end?

Here is a shot of some of the floats lined up before the parade.

I hope you enjoyed the show and caught lots of candy. If you missed the other four parts, you can find them at these links:

I Love A Parade

Then Come the Floats

Living Color 

Are You Ready for Some More Parade?

I’d like to thank my mom for allowing me to show these photos. Okay, I didn’t ask, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

I have used all but two of the photos she had and am wondering how many there would be if my parents had had digital cameras back then…

Are You Ready for Some More Parade?

Okay, let’s go. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have missed this, this, and that.

Again, since so much of our culture is music related, we have lots of floats with musical themes.

Even the elderly musicians get to ride and perform on a float. The sign the Boy Scout is holding reads “Acadian Music.” You always hear that at any festival you go to in Louisiana. You can’t see the accordian in the above band, but I promise you, it’s there. So is the fiddle. And maybe a washboard.

I like the way you can see the other floats that are coming if you looked down the road in this photo. I also like the pretty gowns these visiting queens are wearing. And the tiaras.

But this one… The ballerina outfit with the cape so fits into my dreamworld.

Tomorrow will be the grand finale as I am running out of photos.

Then Come The Floats

After the clowns with shopping carts selling balloons and cotton candy, the police on motorcycles, the scouts, a marching band come the cars carrying visiting royalty and other important people of the town,  such as the mayor.

They always ride in convertibles, but if it is a sports car, so much the better. 

What makes this part a hit with the crowd is they always throw candy. Free stuff, Yay! I’ve been in parades where I’ve had to sit in a car and trust me, if you do not have a sack of bubble gum or Sweetarts to throw, the only people who will give you any attention are the little old ladies who clap for everyone.


Floats. Love ’em. The one above is a beach scene. The girl in the gown would most likely be a visiting queen from another festival such as the Crawfish Festival. Visiting royalty are spread out over the rest of the floats. 

The above is so badly damaged (a Polaroid), I almost didn’t put it up here, but I like the queen waving with her gloved arm. And that clown riding the unicycle beside the float just rocks. 

And wow, look at those seahorses.

If you missed the beginning of the parade, you have to go see it, that’s where the crazy cars are.

Come back tomorrow, I’ll have some floats in color.

I Love A Parade!

So let’s have one. Cajun style. Vintage.

During the 60s and 70s my parents took a lot of photos of the Yambilee parade in South Louisiana. (Our city was the yam capital of the world.) Festivals are a big deal in these parts, at least they used to be.

For the next week or two I’ll put some up on the blog. Parades are like stories. They have a theme, they build and climax, they have props, costumes, pretty girls and talent.

They usually start out slow, you can hear the sirens and funny cars coming.

That’s probably to make sure the spectators are out of the street so they don’t get run over by the tractors and floats.

And then the Scouts,

Followed by the local high school bands.

Okay, that is all I have for today. I’m actually scanning and restoring them as we go. Make sure you come back tomorrow. There’s some really cool stuff in the pipeline and I throw candy.

Projekt Revolution 2008 Set Times

This is from the booklet they gave out at the entrance and not specific to the Dallas show. Keep in mind that show times could change.

Just Blane and I went to this one. Since it was just the two of us, we got gold seats which means they mailed us a package with a couple of metal Linkin Park water bottles, LP bandanas, and a lanyards to wear. The seats were pretty close to the stage and I am getting quite good at sneaking my DSLR into concerts. Haven’t uploaded anything yet, but I’m sure I got at least one decent photo of the hundreds I took.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. It threatened to pour down rain, but all we got was a cool breeze the entire evening.

This is the first year LP takes this tour to Europe and I understand they sold more tickets to each show there than they did in the States. Maybe we are too spoiled with all the great music that comes around here.

Linkin Park’s performance was just as energetic as last year’s show but the voices were a bit worn as the they hit Dallas late in the tour this time around. Still excellent, but not as flawless as last year.

Vans Warped Tour 2008 (Dallas)

Okay, time flies in the summer when there is so much to do. Just wanted to write a little about Van’s Warped Tour, what it is, what to expect if you are interested in going.

We went last year and while I didn’t write anything about it, maybe I should have. I guess it was the same thing. Summertime, not enough cycles.

A measly thirty two bucks gets you a ticket which give you access to about fifty bands. In some cities there have been as many as a hundred. It’s a one day thing so we’re talking about multiple stages with bands playing at the same time.

You may have to pay to park, we paid $15 in Dallas. There were some people in nearby homes offering cheaper parking in their yards, but I really wouldn’t do that since there might be no one watching the car.

We were allowed to bring our own water bottles this year for the first time. You will want one of those and keep refilling it at the water fountain so you don’t dehydrate and have to be brought out of the concert on a stretcher. That could be quite embarrassing unless you are a drama queen. They sell drinks for $5, even beer ($7), if that’s your thing.

This tour usually has shows at outdoor amphitheaters. That’s one stage, but there are two setups on that stage since it is so big. Stage left plays while stage right sets up instruments. As soon as stage left finishes, stage right starts up.

The rest of the stages (we had six, set list is here) set up on the adjoining grounds and in the parking lots. Bands play for about 30 minutes each. At any given time there are three bands playing. No problems with one band drowning out the sound of another on a nearby stage.

At ours, there was no reserved seating in the amphitheater. Since most people want to be in the pit, the front rows are clear you can almost always find a seat in there. We sat in the front row. 

But you know me and my camera. I move around a lot. That’s what I like best about going to concerts, taking photos. I had no idea they allowed SLRs and wanted to kick myself when I saw a guy with one. I talked to him and he said he had no trouble getting it in there.

My Panasonic point and shoot does pretty well, though. What you think?

That is 3Oh!3, a couple of guys who sing to prerecorded music. Garage bandish. Some of it a little techno, some a little hip-hop. Don’t know how to classify them.

What? You thought this was a skater punk thing? Not entirely. There are all sorts of genres, mostly metal though. Mostly starter, unknown type bands trying to break into the big time.

Some are up and comers with recent radio hits. Like Katy Perry (pop).

Others are somewhat established, or have been in popular bands before.

That is Tom DeLonge with his band, Angels and Airwaves, a band I am not ashamed to admit I like. He used to be in Blink-182.

If you play the game Rock Band and know all the levels, he is at the tour bus stage. A little bird who got to hang out behind the scenes told me he doesn’t mix with people, just hangs out in his bus all day. I think the guy is married and has kids. I’d do the same.

But a majority of the bands are at the run-down, small rv stage. We passed a row of them in the parking lot and there were many. It must have been wash day for one band, they had all of their clothing spread out on the hot cement to dry. I thought about taking a photo of that but didn’t because it seemed a little invasive. Underwear and all, you know.

So, what sort of people will you see at a thing like this?

Mostly normal ones.

Lots of 15 to 20 year olds, but people of all ages, even a few little kids. It’s a bit loud for those little ears, so it’s not a bad idea to get some of those foam ear plugs if you are bringing one. There is nothing uncool about earplugs. I’ve seen tattooed people wearing them. Hey, you want to still be hearing music when you’re older, right?

If you want to see some punks, there’s that too.

I haven’t seen any of them cause any problems. I never was a punk, but I love taking photos of their hair. When my kids were babies I would always punk out their hair while shampooing it. See?

That was Spanky after I found a can of foam soap for kids.

What else?

Moshing. It’s not allowed.


But they do it anyway.

I’ve seen wise guys rule these mosh pits. I don’t know how they do it but they create an empty space in the middle of the tightest crowds and maintain it for an entire show. Everyone around knows not to step foot in that space. Until it is time to mosh. That is running around and slamming into each other.

If you want to see more of my photos of Warped, I have them in an album on Flickr.

We did not see as many bands as we would have liked. It was scorching hot. Miserably so. Being in the crowds made it worse. We visited a lot of the merch booths because they were in shady areas and there were a lot of other starter band barkers playing music samples. I love talking to these guys and asking them, “Why should I listen to your band?” See what they say.

Because one day these guys might be at the jet airplane level.

Warped Tour 2008 Set List (Dallas Show)

:::Click Here::: to enlarge.

Always great to have one of these before a show. If you are going to Warped Tour in a city near you, keep in mind the bands and set times change with each date, so think of this as a rough guide.

Just wanted to get this up here as it is quite useful to some people. I’ll write more about this later and post some photos along with it.

Here’s a list of all the bands on the tour and the dates they will play. Note that not all bands play on all dates. Some do.

Also note that there is a Hurley Stage (that would be the bigger one) and a Stage (small stage). A lot of people got these two mixed up.

I’ve added more photos and a few tips about Warped Tour :::here:::

I’ll Wait for the Next One

This is a four minute short by French director/screenwriter Philippe Orreindy. A guy steps into a subway and says:

Ladies and Gentlemen, ever so sorry to bother you. Don’t worry, I’m not here to beg for money. Let me introduce myself. My name’s Antoine. I’m 29. I recently read in a magazine that there are about 5 million single women in France. Where are they? I’m looking for a lady aged between 18 and 55 who’s also had trouble meeting someone in a conventional way and who wouldn’t mind giving a honest relationship with someone a shot…

This short took me through a range of emotions. It melted my heart, made me laugh in a feel-good way, then a surprised way, and finally a guilty way. Go see if you have four minutes.