Leaf Creature Costume

We’re having a lot of fun with the leaf creature costume I made last weekend. If you haven’t seen the video, that link is :::here:::.

It was very simple to make. I bought four silk leaf garlands ($5 each) in the home deco section of a discount store, a black Lycra long sleeve shirt ($8) and pant ($10). You can find those in the exercise section, it is made of the same fabric they make swim suits and biker shorts.

I cut off the leaves with wire cutters and used the hot glue gun to attach the leaves.

Just one little dot of glue is all you need and do this while the costume is on the hanger, not on you. Be careful with that stuff, I practically burnt my thumbprint off. 


You don’t want it too dense. Leave some black space so it will blend in with shrubs.

I used an old rubber mask that’s been hanging around here for the head, glued leaves on that.

And here is the leaf creature costume worn by Blane. He’s pretending to be a topiary.


Can you see him now? We went knock on the neighbor’s door to try to scare him but he wasn’t home.

How about now? Where is he?

No, leaf creature, no! Leave my Obama sign alone!

I think leaf creature has been hanging out with Spiderman.


Zombies, Monsters, and More

Spank and I went to a halloween shop in town last week. The building had been a furniture store in the past, so it had a lot of floor space.

Lots of scary masks.

And scared customers.



Some hot nurse shoes.

Which they never sold while I was a nurse. 

Then over the weekend we went to Fright Fest at Six Flags in Arlington. They decorate this amusement park with spider webs, fog, you name it, and have actors dressed up in halloween costumes spread out over the grounds.

Over by the carosel they had a group of zombies just lounging around. Crowds gathered and had staring contests with them.

This one got me in his sight and wouldn’t let up. I laughed. He won.

Then some music started up and they all started dancing.

I think they did an amazing job with the costumes and makeup. The dancing is not bad either. Here’s the video:

I have never seen this park so crowded. They also convert some of the rides to haunted houses, so that draws a lot of people out there. We went in a couple of them (it cost an additional $5 for each one, or $15 for a pass to all of them in addition to park admission.

It was a fun day out and the weather was perfect. The haunted houses were done well. I followed one group of people who were so scared they were moving like a school of fish through that thing. Watching them was more fun than the haunted house itself.

Simple Halloween Costumes

I’ve been looking through the photo albums for some halloween costumes and have these two so far. Many more to come… I love making costumes and these were simple to make with things I had around the house.

Here’s Blane Jr. when he was just a tot.

That’s just a sheet and some makeup.

And Blane Sr. as Edward Scissorhands.

I wish I had a shot of the scissor hands. I took some black plastic sheets from those school binders and cut them to look like those long shears. We had just watched the movie and Blane had the act down to a “t”. Everyone at the party wanted to just hug him. He won a trophy that night, but I can’t remember the category.

I find the best costumes I’ve made were the simple ones when I was in a time crunch and had to come up with something for that night. My mom is like that too. She is the absolute best costume designer, ever.
I’ll put some more photos up here in the coming days before halloween.

Show Me the Halloween

I’ve been looking everywhere for some fun and creepy halloween yard decorations, but people are holding out. Waiting for the big day to trick out their yards.

I did see some cool pumpkin snowglobes. Those are pretty cool.

Check it out:

The little ghosties in there spin round and round. I almost want one, but if I did do something in the yard it would be two scarecrow gravediggers over a faux grave.

But wait. Let me zoom out on the yard with the pumpkin thing. Check out this street deco:

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Have camera, see Viper, take photo.

Have a great day.

This is Halloween

Here are some photos of Halloween yards taken last year:

This one had a Pirates of the Carribean theme.

The homeowner even dressed up and hung out in the yard to greet Trick-Or-Treaters. He told me he spends all his free time during the year making his decorations in his garage.

I like the distressed iron fence and faux column.

This yard was full of funny headstones.

And it was rigged with lightening that was sync’d to a thunder soundtrack.

We found this zombie cow roaming the neighborhood, hiding in the bushes and frightening the older trick-or-treaters.

This seems like a fun hobby. We used to have a guy in our other neighborhood who would turn his garage into a haunted house. He had fog and blacklights, monsters and cobwebs, music, the works.

I have more halloween yard photos here.

Haunted Out of My Freaking Mind

Halloween is the best time of the year. Costumes, candy, and h-h-h-haunted houses. Not real ones. The attractions you pay to go see. I love those places. Imagine the glee when Sweetpea told me she would be one of the actresses at one of these things.

Last night Spanky and I had to go take a ride out there to bring something to her. We didn’t think we’d get to go see the attraction, we had plans to go next week, on family night. When we got there, however, different story.

We HAD to go in there. It being a Sunday night and close to closing, seemed perfect, we would have Phantom’s Haunted Ranch all to ourselves.

Now you know I love these things. I don’t scare or get grossed out easily. These places are usually filled up with gory things and people banging on the walls, screaming, sneaking up on you. I was expecting the same old same old. Like the movie Hostel. That sort of scary.

This was different. Really different. More like the movie 1408. The person who planned this thing as well as the “actors” were absolutely brilliant. It is like no other haunted house I’ve ever been. I got the crap scared out of me. Like mental-mess-with-your head scary.

The ghouls and ghosties are improvisational actors. I admit, I laughed at first when they spouted the rules at the door, “The actors will not touch you, do not touch the actors.”

Now if you plan on going out to Phantom’s Haunted Ranch and Hayride in McKinney, Texas (near Dallas) do not read any further. There are spoilers here. Come back and read this later.

If you make it back.

The inside of this place is a dark maze. The hallways are lurking with dark characters. Not so much at first. It’s dead empty and you are not sure where to go after going through the entrance.

The first one to greet us led us around a few turns. He had a plastic hatchet in his hand and face paint, wore a dark robe. Spanky and I had our arms locked together.

He seemed nice and helpful, though, telling us how to work the maze. Other ghouls came around and hissed. I guess it was some sort of good cop/ bad cop con they were playing on us, because we came to depend on this guy with the hatchet. He asked if we are friends, all sorts of questions to figure out our relationship. I told the nice hatchet murderer I was Spanky’s mother.

That is when he said, “You must be separated.” We laughed, said it wouldn’t happen…

Next thing you know we are in a dark corridor with about six closed doors. We can’t even tell where we came from. Creeps are telling us to choose a door. I open one door and a monster comes out, the next, another freak. And so on, until the last door. This nice looking nerdy guy comes out. No makeup, nothing. I tell Spanky it is probably the scariest room. There has to be a trick. She goes into that one and does not come out. I get bombarded with ghouls and am so disoriented I don’t know which direction she went.

My thinking is any minute now, Spanky will rejoin me. But nooooooooooo, and choose what must have been the wrong door.

The freaks bombard me with lights, loud noises… I don’t know what else. All I know is I was lost as all shit in the dark and there were monsters coming at me from the ceiling, the floors, in front of me, behind me, everywhere. I’m worried to death about Spanky, surely she is getting the shit scared out of her, too. Somewhere. This is what messes with my head. Drives me insane.

There is a crazy bridge thing with a tunnel, this huge barrel that spins around. I’ve done that thing a million times before and have never gotten dizzy. The trick is to just run through it fast. These guys did what they had to do to make sure I went through it sloooooowly and I swear, I thought the room was really spinning. There were lots of other optical illusions which blew my mind. Like the room of dots. And the people in there with dot costumes that blended into the walls perfectly. Until the started moving.

Finally, Spanky joins me for the rest of the haunted house. I didn’t find out until we got to the car that they did not try to scare the living daylights out of her when we were separated. All she had was that one nerdy guy “acting” like he was trying to find her mother but failing to do so. She couldn’t believe that they worked me over like they did.

There is also a haunted hayride which is the part where Sweetpea works. It goes through a dark forest and is so creepy because the woods are full of actors, too. Some of the people on the hayride are actors and get “attacked” by creatures on that dark path. There are even ghosts on real horses out there.

A total freakout experience and no doubt a fun family outing. Especially if you have teenaged kids. Muhahahahahaha.


For my international friends out there (hello England, France, Austrailia, and Greece), today is Halloween. The day we take the kids around the neighborhood to collect chocolate for us parents. This is my favorite holiday of all. Not just for the candy, I love the costumes, too.

Candy gathering is best done like writing scenes, which in turn is like going to a party. Go late, leave early. During the first hour people are rationing. One piece of candy from each house. The visit to goody ratio is not worth it. Kids get tired and want to quit early. It’s better to go during the second hour. People are getting tired of the whole deal, and most of the ladies don’t want to be stuck with all that candy. They give it out by the fistful. It’s good sense to have a pillow sack for the overflowing plastic pumkins.

The final step in effective trick-or-treating is critical. Watching the kids’ every move when they get home. They have a tendency to stash the candy in another dimension. While they are at school the next day… It’s razoo time!

For a nice Halloween drawing, check out Roch’s blog entry.
I’ll post a photo later, we’re going trick-or-treating.