Leaf Creature Costume

We’re having a lot of fun with the leaf creature costume I made last weekend. If you haven’t seen the video, that link is :::here:::.

It was very simple to make. I bought four silk leaf garlands ($5 each) in the home deco section of a discount store, a black Lycra long sleeve shirt ($8) and pant ($10). You can find those in the exercise section, it is made of the same fabric they make swim suits and biker shorts.

I cut off the leaves with wire cutters and used the hot glue gun to attach the leaves.

Just one little dot of glue is all you need and do this while the costume is on the hanger, not on you. Be careful with that stuff, I practically burnt my thumbprint off. 


You don’t want it too dense. Leave some black space so it will blend in with shrubs.

I used an old rubber mask that’s been hanging around here for the head, glued leaves on that.

And here is the leaf creature costume worn by Blane. He’s pretending to be a topiary.


Can you see him now? We went knock on the neighbor’s door to try to scare him but he wasn’t home.

How about now? Where is he?

No, leaf creature, no! Leave my Obama sign alone!

I think leaf creature has been hanging out with Spiderman.


You Have To Go See This

Okay, I made the video and you all have to go see how we are managing to keep our Obama sign in the yard.

I have done a lot of videos in my lifetime, but I have never edited one. This was my first go.

It’s part reenactment, part prank, all fun.

It’s only four minutes long and that includes the bloopers and credits.

Enjoy the show and make sure you have the sound on:

Let me know what you think, even if you think it sucks. We all had a lot of fun doing it.

Zombies, Monsters, and More

Spank and I went to a halloween shop in town last week. The building had been a furniture store in the past, so it had a lot of floor space.

Lots of scary masks.

And scared customers.



Some hot nurse shoes.

Which they never sold while I was a nurse. 

Then over the weekend we went to Fright Fest at Six Flags in Arlington. They decorate this amusement park with spider webs, fog, you name it, and have actors dressed up in halloween costumes spread out over the grounds.

Over by the carosel they had a group of zombies just lounging around. Crowds gathered and had staring contests with them.

This one got me in his sight and wouldn’t let up. I laughed. He won.

Then some music started up and they all started dancing.

I think they did an amazing job with the costumes and makeup. The dancing is not bad either. Here’s the video:

I have never seen this park so crowded. They also convert some of the rides to haunted houses, so that draws a lot of people out there. We went in a couple of them (it cost an additional $5 for each one, or $15 for a pass to all of them in addition to park admission.

It was a fun day out and the weather was perfect. The haunted houses were done well. I followed one group of people who were so scared they were moving like a school of fish through that thing. Watching them was more fun than the haunted house itself.

Simple Halloween Costumes

I’ve been looking through the photo albums for some halloween costumes and have these two so far. Many more to come… I love making costumes and these were simple to make with things I had around the house.

Here’s Blane Jr. when he was just a tot.

That’s just a sheet and some makeup.

And Blane Sr. as Edward Scissorhands.

I wish I had a shot of the scissor hands. I took some black plastic sheets from those school binders and cut them to look like those long shears. We had just watched the movie and Blane had the act down to a “t”. Everyone at the party wanted to just hug him. He won a trophy that night, but I can’t remember the category.

I find the best costumes I’ve made were the simple ones when I was in a time crunch and had to come up with something for that night. My mom is like that too. She is the absolute best costume designer, ever.
I’ll put some more photos up here in the coming days before halloween.

Raggedy Hands

One of my first memories is of the time I was all dressed up as Raggedy Ann for a costume contest. My little brother was Andy, of course, and my mom had made the costumes. I must have been about three.

We were about to go in front of the judges when I had a panic attack. My mom had sewn the mittens of the costume to the sleeves. I couldn’t move my fingers freely. I wanted them out. Immediately. There was screaming.

Mom gave in and ripped the seams open with her teeth and hands. It was an emergency. She lost her costume contest and I won my freedom that day.

My hands are always ragged from some project. I can’t keep polish on my nails. From painting to refinishing furniture to mosaic tiles. To writing. I need these hands as much as I need the brain.

This week something ripped and my fingers are flying all over the keyboard with story ideas. I love it when it’s like this.

This is a fountain in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris, fed by a natural spring. Those hands belong to Sweetpea and Spanky.

The Dream World I Live In

My dad used to say it more than anyone else, “You live in a dream world.” I used to hate it, that he had me so pegged. But I’ve made pretty good use of it once I accepted it as a good thing. Here is a perfect example of my world.
You see this costume/dress/whatever?

Photo by Arthur Elgort

It’s one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen in terms of color, texture, flow…I want to wear this thing. Where can one get away with wearing something like that if they haven’t done ballet since the age of eight? Where? In my dream world, that’s where. When I lie awake tonight trying to get to sleep, I’m going to imagine myself wearing that stupid wedding cake looking outfit to something special where people dress like that every single day. Kitty’s world. You in?

Project Runway Blues

This season’s Project Runway had me enthralled. I looked forward to Wednesdays. For a show on tv, a damn reality show. And yes, I am glad Jeffrey won, I was pulling for him from the very beginning even though he had tattoos all over his neck, punk hair, and a bad attitude. The dude was an ex-drug addict, a former homeless person. It’s not just that he was the underdog that had me pulling for him. He rocked the runway.

I grew up watching my mother sew. She loved doing costumes, Barbie clothes, and gorgeous dresses for me. She never used a pattern. She would take a newspaper, put it up against my back and draw her pattern like that. No instructions.

When I was a teen, I wanted a tennis dress, a special one. I couldn’t afford one anyway, so I busted the piggy bank, bought a pattern and some fabric and taught myself how to sew. I never was able to make things without patterns, but I sure did make a lot of pretty dresses for my little girls. And tons of costumes.

My girls have also done some sewing and have worn their “creations” to school. Elemetary school. I was afraid for them going to school like that with some Frankenstein-stitch looking skirts. Turns out the other kids liked it and wanted some custom skirts too. It worked wonders for their self esteem and I made a big deal out of their bravery. Sewing rocks!

Hurricane Tracking Chart

There were five of us kids. I can use real names here because in our family real names are just for birth certificates. Except for me, Kitty is my real name. My mom almost named me Katrina. I used to wish she had named me that. I wanted a proper name to put on important papers. Damn good thing she didn’t.

Saying “I have four brothers” was always good to make conversation. “I have three brothers” just doesn’t sound like it’s going to start anything. I’m not ready to say, “But I used to have four.” I know where that conversation will drag me.

I’d like to say I’m a lone griever, but, well, look, you’re reading this on the world wide web. I could be writing from a storm cellar, though.

James, the oldest found Shane that day. James is underwater, in the storm surge. He’s got a life preserver on but hasn’t figured out which button to press to inflate the thing. He’ll come up.

Lorne is a tropical storm, spinning out there. Doesn’t seem dangerous, but you never know. He never gets the attention he deserves.

Robert is a tornado. Came into town unexpectedly, left Mommie a bunch of mean sticky notes because he was locked out of her house. A trail of uprooted trees, that boy.

Mommie is my mom. She’s unusually calm and normal right now which is abnormal. Her whole life is a cat 5 storm and always full of overdramatics. Which I miss.

Me, I’m watching for the birds and small animals to leave town. High tides. Just watching.

This is an old photo I got from the house, and yes, I got it before that big fire. It always looked like this. Except for a few years back, I sketched in the missing lower corner. I should have sketched James in there while I was at it (he spent that summer at my grandparents).
Mommie made these old fashioned bathing suits for a costume contest. We won. This is the photo they put in the newspaper.

Old Fashioned Bathing Suits

Robert is the baby, I am the only girl, Lorne is holding the balloon, and Shane is to my left with Mommie’s hand on his ear.

Here’s another photo and has my dad in it. But Lorne is looking away.

color suits

And I could swear that blonde headed boy to my left is the guy I married because he looked just like that back then and came from the same town. He says it’s not him.