Just One of My Heroes

Yesterday, I met one of my heroes, Gloria Steinem, a pioneer in the women’s movement. My dad probably rolled over in his grave. Women’s rights was one thing the two of us never agreed on.

It was at a meet and greet (for the Clinton campaign) in a small restaurant in the Dallas area. I only found out about it 30 minutes before the event began and didn’t think there was a chance in hell I’d get to see her. Blane and I hopped in the car and headed out anyway.

Not only did I get to see her, I got to meet her and talk with her.

I thanked her for coming. I thanked her for what she did for my mother, for me, for my daughters. For humanity.

Blane asked me to tell her what I had just told him, that I used her words to fight my four brothers while growing up. That made her smile and I got a hug.

Here’s a YouTube I uploaded (about 6 minutes) where she talks about all the great choices we had this year in the democratic primaries and the difficult decision she had to make between Hillary and Obama. The woman to the right of her is Jehmu Greene, the former president of Rock the Vote.


“Bitch Is The New Black”

I kept seeing on the news SNL was looking for an actor to play Obama and Saturday’s show would be the first one since the writers are back from the strike.

Wow, did anyone see it last night?

Tina Fey has fired up the political forums and blogs with her comedy skit, “Bitch is the New Black.” Finally I saw something good about Hillary on tv. Yes, good.

About fucking time.

I stole this last part of Fey’s monologue on Weekend Update from Uncle Wiggly.

Tina Fey: I want to say something about those calling Hillary a bitch…
Yeah, well she is…

So am I, so is she (pointing at Weekend Update news host Amy Poehler)

Deal with it. Bitches get stuff DONE! (Amy says yeah and starts nodding her head in rhythmn and saying more yeahs, uh huhs and a you go girl)

Like back in grammar school, they could have had priests teaching you but no, they had tough old nuns who slept on cots and who can hit ya and you HATE those bitches.

But at the end of the school year you sure KNEW the capital of Vermont!

So COME ON Texas and Ohio

Get on board, it’s not too late!…

Bitch is the new Black!

Found it:

Watch Bitch is the New Black on NBC’s website

And here is their spoof of the democratic debate showing the obvious media bias toward Obama.

Watch spoof of Democratic Debate in Austin

Punk Politics

I’m aggitated that CNN and FoxNews blogs have become the top blogs at WordPress, beating out the unbeatable lolcats. That’s just wrong.

The mainstream media (msm) is out to protect their own interests. They do not want someone like Obama in office any more than they want Hillary in there. The thing is, with Obama they have much more to work with. They have created a frenzy over him, and like rock stars, Obama has no where else to go but down.

How long will it be until someone shouts, “Obama is a sell-out!” (I predict 30 days or less)

It’s starting already. The downward spiral. The thing is, the msm is attacking Obama voters as cultish and mindless. Hey, what did we dislike most about Bush supporters? The same thing. Can’t the msm at least change the fucking story line?

The thing about the msm that has me disturbed is the hatred toward Hillary Clinton. This has trickled down into the blogosphere. No one ever really says why they hate her, only that they do.

I do not bow to hatred. Voting for Obama to get rid of Hillary-hate is saying it is okay to hate.

I can’t believe people have bought into this superdelegate/disenfranchisement thing. It’s white hot. I’m getting emails from the progressive movement to stop this travesty. Tons of them. As if the primary process is fair except for the superdelegate issue.

Now that the progressives have gone ape-shit over this, it turns out Obama spent more money on them than all of the other candidates put together. I wonder if people who gave money to the Obama campaign are aware that their money might have been used to lobby superdelegates?

Change. For Obama to say he wants to move away from the politics of the past while he has half the Kennedy family standing right beside him is a mind fuck. Like I’m not seeing what I see.

But that’s not why I’m voting for Hillary in the primary. I believe her plan for universal health care is better than Obama’s. I’ve followed that issue for over twenty years and worked in health care. Hers is better because it makes everyone pay into the system. We already pay for all people over 65, the sickest and most expensive people to care for (what a relief for the health insurance industry, huh?).

I am also voting Clinton because the msm doesn’t want her to win. Screw them. She’s a street fighter and knows how to beat the crap out of the other party. If she can get there. Republicans know how to beat unbeatable candidates by whipping them in the primaries.

And if Obama wins the primary, I’ll vote for him in the general. He’s a great candidate and wants the same things Hillary wants. Almost.

I still think these two will be on the same ticket. Yes, with the Clinton baggage and Obama’s “bomb Pakistan” and fake accents and all.

Yes, I know this makes me the uncoolest person in the universe. Yeah? So what! (I think Johnny Rotten said that first)

Goin’ to Texas

Well it looks like the democratic primary in Texas might be a big deal.

Which is worrisome since Karl Rove has been meddling in politics here for 20 some-odd years.

And wow, instead of being in jail, Rove’s in your living room via Fox News. If you watch that crap.

Anyway, here’s a video from the late 80’s, early 90’s by British bloke, Chris Rea who sounds just like a Texan. Singing about Texas. It’s so idealistic it’s creepy. Especially knowing what we know now.

“Texas” by Chris Rea.

Watch what you watch on tv.