Parade Finale

I saved two of my favorite photos of the parade for last. I don’t know why there wasn’t a photo of the Yambilee King and Queen, but they were usually on the last float.

I like this one because it tells a little story of how the Cajuns got to Louisiana. Also, the people on the float are dressed in traditional Acadian costumes.

Can you guess which one of these gowns is my favorite in the below photo? Extra candy if you guess the right one.

Can you also guess why the horsemen/women come at the very end?

Here is a shot of some of the floats lined up before the parade.

I hope you enjoyed the show and caught lots of candy. If you missed the other four parts, you can find them at these links:

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Are You Ready for Some More Parade?

I’d like to thank my mom for allowing me to show these photos. Okay, I didn’t ask, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

I have used all but two of the photos she had and am wondering how many there would be if my parents had had digital cameras back then…


I Love A Parade!

So let’s have one. Cajun style. Vintage.

During the 60s and 70s my parents took a lot of photos of the Yambilee parade in South Louisiana. (Our city was the yam capital of the world.) Festivals are a big deal in these parts, at least they used to be.

For the next week or two I’ll put some up on the blog. Parades are like stories. They have a theme, they build and climax, they have props, costumes, pretty girls and talent.

They usually start out slow, you can hear the sirens and funny cars coming.

That’s probably to make sure the spectators are out of the street so they don’t get run over by the tractors and floats.

And then the Scouts,

Followed by the local high school bands.

Okay, that is all I have for today. I’m actually scanning and restoring them as we go. Make sure you come back tomorrow. There’s some really cool stuff in the pipeline and I throw candy.

Message in a (plastic) Bottle

I was talking to my mom on the phone earlier and told her to send me a message in a bottle. Looking at the hurricane tracking chart, the eye of Gustav goes over her house and pretty much ends not too far from mine.

We don’t get hurricanes this far from the coast, just some rain and winds, nothing to worry about. My mom lives far enough from the coast that if it does go there, it is a much weaker storm, not even a hurricane, but a tropical storm. The city is built on a hill, so they don’t even really have problems with flooding. The high winds do knock down trees and power lines. She was without power for at least a week after Hurricane Ivan a few years back.

All this hurricane watching makes me twitchy. I’ve never seen a hurricane path like this one; it appears to cover the entire state of Louisiana. Usually if one goes there, they catch a little piece of it, share the storm with other states. The angle of this one looks as if it will catch every bit of coastline in that state.

The place that is probably getting the shit kicked out of it right now is this place

Down Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana.

And this one

at Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Remember that bird video I posted last month?

Same thing, catching hell right now.

And there is not a damn thing I can do about it.

Give Me The Gold

For St. Patrick’s Day I have the funniest YouTube video I’ve ever seen. These people from Alabama claim to have seen a leprechaun up in a tree. Looking at the comments on there, it isn’t funny to everyone. I guess living in the deep south helps to fully understand what is going on.

We had a similar incident in our town where people claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary up in a tree. Every night for a week or so people would gather around that tree and look for her. The thing is, it’s a sort of joke, no one really believes this, they are just playing along to entertain each other. It is small town drama, a reason to gather and have some laughter, fun, and excitement.

This video became so popular in the local area that a DJ did a rap remix for the club scene.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Hope you find a pot of gold.