I Promise Not To Bore You With This One

Michele tagged me with the infamous page 123 meme. You grab the nearest book and jot down three sentences after the fifth. Maybe including the fifth.

I grab the nearest book which is not mine, it’s Blane’s. Nikola Tesla’s My Inventions. (Click on the photo for link)

It does not have a page 123.

Next book.

Nikola Tesla Colorado Springs Notes 1899-1900.

Oh my. Does a mathematical formula count as a sentence?

I’d lose most of you if I wrote those three sentences, I know, because I got lost, myself.

So lost I want to give up and ditch this post. Thing is, it’s not my nature to give up on anything. I’m the rescue freak. The angel of lost causes. There is also this strong desire to turn this around and make this entertaining.

Tesla? The electricity geek? Entertaining?

Hell yeah. Let’s go back to the first book, the one without 123 pages. Tesla’s autobio. Where is it? I think Blane took it with him and he will not be back until tomorrow (I started this post yesterday)

To Myself: Finish this, Kitty.

Okay. I’ll paraphrase. There was something in there around page seven where Tesla wrote that his mother, at the age of sixty had fingers that were so nimble she could tie three knots in an eyelash.

I am changing this meme. This time around, those tagged have to tie just one knot in an eyelash. No books. No looking for quotes. No excuses.

I dare: Dailytri, Ginny, TigerWillow, Michele, and Max (today is her birthday, go get some cake).

This is not a stunt to get you to link me. In fact, you are forbidden to link back this post. Wait. This could turn into some famous thing. This could be groundbreaking.

Link me baby, one more time.

No, seriously, don’t link. This is not groundbreaking. Just tie a knot in an eyelash. If you do, your fingers are more nimble than mine or you have camel lashes.

That is one thing I can’t do.