It seems impossible in the digital age with GPS nav and mobile phones to get lost, right?

Over the weekend there was a hot air balloon festival in our city, a really huge deal with tens of thousands of people at a nature preserve. We went in two cars because some of us were leaving at different times. I had a special parking pass for an up close lot because Spanky was volunteering, so we didn’t park together.

I couldn’t find a place to park and Spanky had to be there at a certain time, so I dropped her off at the gate and told her to call and let me know where she would be.

It wasn’t until after I parked and she was long gone that I realized my phone wasn’t working. When I got to the festival entrance I talked to some other people and they told me their phones weren’t working either. I found the volunteer station and they told me what booth she was working, but they pointed me in the wrong direction when they told me how to get there.

So I wandered and wandered around all by myself. And you know me, I get distracted by shiny sparkly things. So this is from the point of view of a lost person, lost in the dark with blinking things:

Finally a text comes through. Blane is looking for me. But I can’t text him back.

And I think to myself, where would I look for me?

I had snuck under the ropes and got up as close as I could to those balloons. No one noticed that I was out of place and didn’t belong to any of the balloon teams.

Finally the phones all started working again and we all reunited over a fried Snickers bar.


Blane’s Amazing Bubble Show

My son Blane let me use his underwater camera to film his bubble show. It’s an old camera and the battery died on us quickly, but it’s still an amazing show.

Next week I’ll show you the dog’s swimming video. I’ve been busy and my wrists are acting up on me so not much writing these days.

We Might Have to Punk the Boy

My son has been having some problems keeping his Obama sign in his yard, so he set up a hidden camera and has it up on a website that shows live streaming video of his sign. Anyone can watch.

That cracks me up. Here’s the link, go see:

Steal Blane Jr.’s Obama Sign Live Streaming Video

Once you see the player, you have to click on play. The screen will be blank for about 5 seconds.

Oh, and I swear, I will not get in that leaf creature costume and steal his sign at 10 PM CST tonight.

Give Me The Gold

For St. Patrick’s Day I have the funniest YouTube video I’ve ever seen. These people from Alabama claim to have seen a leprechaun up in a tree. Looking at the comments on there, it isn’t funny to everyone. I guess living in the deep south helps to fully understand what is going on.

We had a similar incident in our town where people claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary up in a tree. Every night for a week or so people would gather around that tree and look for her. The thing is, it’s a sort of joke, no one really believes this, they are just playing along to entertain each other. It is small town drama, a reason to gather and have some laughter, fun, and excitement.

This video became so popular in the local area that a DJ did a rap remix for the club scene.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Hope you find a pot of gold.