Just One of My Heroes

Yesterday, I met one of my heroes, Gloria Steinem, a pioneer in the women’s movement. My dad probably rolled over in his grave. Women’s rights was one thing the two of us never agreed on.

It was at a meet and greet (for the Clinton campaign) in a small restaurant in the Dallas area. I only found out about it 30 minutes before the event began and didn’t think there was a chance in hell I’d get to see her. Blane and I hopped in the car and headed out anyway.

Not only did I get to see her, I got to meet her and talk with her.

I thanked her for coming. I thanked her for what she did for my mother, for me, for my daughters. For humanity.

Blane asked me to tell her what I had just told him, that I used her words to fight my four brothers while growing up. That made her smile and I got a hug.

Here’s a YouTube I uploaded (about 6 minutes) where she talks about all the great choices we had this year in the democratic primaries and the difficult decision she had to make between Hillary and Obama. The woman to the right of her is Jehmu Greene, the former president of Rock the Vote.