An Entire World of Story in a Single YouTube Comment

While listening to this version of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” on Youtube last night my heart exploded when I saw this comment. So much, I’m still thinking about it today. Your turn.

Here is a better version of Young’s Harvest Moon:


Fireside Chats 2.0

Have you ever listened to the president’s weekly radio address? I wouldn’t even know how to find that on my radio. I might have heard one of them in my entire life and it was probably a wav file on some website somewhere right after Sept. 11th. I usually catch the gist of it later in a newspaper or magazine.

Now it is easier than ever to get your weekly dose of the nation’s Major Dude in Charge. Obama’s doing his on YouTube!

Here’s the first one, out today, from the president-elect.

He also has a website, so we can keep up with what’s going on in his administration.

What I like about this besides the transparency and accessibility is his ability to bypass the mainstream media. A while back, I signed up for Obama text messages. If he ever wants to get out some information, all he has to do is text his massive list of subscribers. He doesn’t have to go to ABC or CBS, call a press conference and deal with their filters, pundits, whatever.

What that tells me is he trusts the American public to be smart enough to understand the message and he wants people to be involved in government.

And that is just what we need right now for starters, whether you like him or not. Yet.

You Have To Go See This

Okay, I made the video and you all have to go see how we are managing to keep our Obama sign in the yard.

I have done a lot of videos in my lifetime, but I have never edited one. This was my first go.

It’s part reenactment, part prank, all fun.

It’s only four minutes long and that includes the bloopers and credits.

Enjoy the show and make sure you have the sound on:

Let me know what you think, even if you think it sucks. We all had a lot of fun doing it.

Zombies, Monsters, and More

Spank and I went to a halloween shop in town last week. The building had been a furniture store in the past, so it had a lot of floor space.

Lots of scary masks.

And scared customers.



Some hot nurse shoes.

Which they never sold while I was a nurse. 

Then over the weekend we went to Fright Fest at Six Flags in Arlington. They decorate this amusement park with spider webs, fog, you name it, and have actors dressed up in halloween costumes spread out over the grounds.

Over by the carosel they had a group of zombies just lounging around. Crowds gathered and had staring contests with them.

This one got me in his sight and wouldn’t let up. I laughed. He won.

Then some music started up and they all started dancing.

I think they did an amazing job with the costumes and makeup. The dancing is not bad either. Here’s the video:

I have never seen this park so crowded. They also convert some of the rides to haunted houses, so that draws a lot of people out there. We went in a couple of them (it cost an additional $5 for each one, or $15 for a pass to all of them in addition to park admission.

It was a fun day out and the weather was perfect. The haunted houses were done well. I followed one group of people who were so scared they were moving like a school of fish through that thing. Watching them was more fun than the haunted house itself.

One Mo

Sweetpea will be eighteen in a few weeks which means she will get to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

She has registered already and is awaiting her voter card. Yay for her, yay for us, yay for everyone. That makes one more vote for a better country and a better world.

Don’t forget to register to vote if you haven’t already, some states require you to be registered by this Saturday. If you will be eighteen by election day but are not eighteen yet, you can register now in the state of Texas, I’m sure it is the same in the other states if your birthday comes close to election day.

Now watch this video which uses reverse psychology to get the youth to vote. It also has voter registration links and is funny and entertaining and has cuss words…It also does not tell you who to vote for so don’t worry about it dissing your party or candidate.

Big Boids

If you want to see something really freaky, check out my video of the birds we saw on Queen Bess Island (near Grand Isle, Louisiana).

I think there were more than usual going to the island because a storm was approaching. The video is a little shaky as I was shooting while the boat was moving. We got in and out really fast because of the storm.

It seemed as if we had boated into Land of the Lost. Birds were flying just a couple of feet from us. Pelicans are the state bird of Louisiana.

Slurpee Day

Did you go to 7 Eleven yesterday?

That is one day every kid has marked on the calendar. If they have one. July 11th (7/11) is free Slurpee Day. We piled in the car, all of us and headed out there. We heard earlier that Little Blane already had eight free Slurpees, the green Hulk flavor. He also claimed his pee had turned green.

The first place we went claimed their machine was broken. Yeah, right. Second place claimed they were out of the free cups. Uh huh. They offered all other cup loads of Slurpee for 25 cents. Okay.

This kid was prepared:

Little fucker drained the cherry Slurpee machine.

But that’s okay. We wanted the Monster Black Ice flavor.

Because you can’t beat having a black tongue.

Here’s something fun if you missed out on the free Slurpee Day. A pissed off Amy Winehouse beating on a fan while she sings:

As drunk/high/busy as she was, she didn’t miss a lyric. Man that’s funny.

So Glad It’s Not Me

I’m happy the person I was rooting for won the “Make Me A Supermodel” show. I was happy with the outcome of Project Runway as well. The winner, whose name I won’t mention just in case you are yet to see the finale should have his/her own show. What a character!

So now I have fashion reality show withdrawals. Here’s something I found today regarding supermodels. And wipeouts.

Hazardous Runways: 

Give Me The Gold

For St. Patrick’s Day I have the funniest YouTube video I’ve ever seen. These people from Alabama claim to have seen a leprechaun up in a tree. Looking at the comments on there, it isn’t funny to everyone. I guess living in the deep south helps to fully understand what is going on.

We had a similar incident in our town where people claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary up in a tree. Every night for a week or so people would gather around that tree and look for her. The thing is, it’s a sort of joke, no one really believes this, they are just playing along to entertain each other. It is small town drama, a reason to gather and have some laughter, fun, and excitement.

This video became so popular in the local area that a DJ did a rap remix for the club scene.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Hope you find a pot of gold.

Just One of My Heroes

Yesterday, I met one of my heroes, Gloria Steinem, a pioneer in the women’s movement. My dad probably rolled over in his grave. Women’s rights was one thing the two of us never agreed on.

It was at a meet and greet (for the Clinton campaign) in a small restaurant in the Dallas area. I only found out about it 30 minutes before the event began and didn’t think there was a chance in hell I’d get to see her. Blane and I hopped in the car and headed out anyway.

Not only did I get to see her, I got to meet her and talk with her.

I thanked her for coming. I thanked her for what she did for my mother, for me, for my daughters. For humanity.

Blane asked me to tell her what I had just told him, that I used her words to fight my four brothers while growing up. That made her smile and I got a hug.

Here’s a YouTube I uploaded (about 6 minutes) where she talks about all the great choices we had this year in the democratic primaries and the difficult decision she had to make between Hillary and Obama. The woman to the right of her is Jehmu Greene, the former president of Rock the Vote.

“Bitch Is The New Black”

I kept seeing on the news SNL was looking for an actor to play Obama and Saturday’s show would be the first one since the writers are back from the strike.

Wow, did anyone see it last night?

Tina Fey has fired up the political forums and blogs with her comedy skit, “Bitch is the New Black.” Finally I saw something good about Hillary on tv. Yes, good.

About fucking time.

I stole this last part of Fey’s monologue on Weekend Update from Uncle Wiggly.

Tina Fey: I want to say something about those calling Hillary a bitch…
Yeah, well she is…

So am I, so is she (pointing at Weekend Update news host Amy Poehler)

Deal with it. Bitches get stuff DONE! (Amy says yeah and starts nodding her head in rhythmn and saying more yeahs, uh huhs and a you go girl)

Like back in grammar school, they could have had priests teaching you but no, they had tough old nuns who slept on cots and who can hit ya and you HATE those bitches.

But at the end of the school year you sure KNEW the capital of Vermont!

So COME ON Texas and Ohio

Get on board, it’s not too late!…

Bitch is the new Black!

Found it:

Watch Bitch is the New Black on NBC’s website

And here is their spoof of the democratic debate showing the obvious media bias toward Obama.

Watch spoof of Democratic Debate in Austin

Nine In The Afternoon

AJ, this is a direct hit from Spanky for making fun of her band.

I second it since you can no longer sleep late.

Check it out, Panic! At The Disco. If you don’t like this sort of music, at least watch it without the sound (the singer sounds like he’s had too much cooooooffffeeeee). Reminds me of Sergeant Pepper…


Goin’ to Texas

Well it looks like the democratic primary in Texas might be a big deal.

Which is worrisome since Karl Rove has been meddling in politics here for 20 some-odd years.

And wow, instead of being in jail, Rove’s in your living room via Fox News. If you watch that crap.

Anyway, here’s a video from the late 80’s, early 90’s by British bloke, Chris Rea who sounds just like a Texan. Singing about Texas. It’s so idealistic it’s creepy. Especially knowing what we know now.

“Texas” by Chris Rea.

Watch what you watch on tv.

Wanna Dance?

One of my best friends, Helene, is the Parisian I talk about here from time to time. I met her about eight years ago while renting a vacation property she owns. We became such good friends that I see her at least once or twice per year. She has even come here to visit us once. She’s like a sister to me.

When I am in France, Helene always passes out great advice about things we should do to experience off the beaten path French culture.  She often takes us to some of these things.

Last summer she took us to small festival out in the country. It was like a barn dance with live music, a fireworks show, and a huge bonfire at the end of the evening. What surprised me most about that evening was how the dancing was exactly the same as Cajun dancing.

Lately, Helene has been encouraging me to take dance classes. She started taking them about two years ago and says this is one of the best things she has ever done. A few days ago she sent me some video links of this French guy, Thierry Desequelle teaching country line dancing. You’ve got to go see this:

You don’t need to speak French to understand the guy, mostly it is just counting steps. Go see.

If you want to see more of his dance lessons, there are tons of them here.


You know the way some girls keep getting asked over and over to be a bridesmaid? Well Blane keeps getting asked to be a pallbearer, over and over. Tomorrow will be the sixth time in just over a year that he “carries.” (This one isn’t tragic, he had a great aunt pass of old age.)

That’s how they say it in the business. Carry. Blane’s father, a funeral director asked Blane yesterday, “Are you going to carry?”

It is of course an honor to be asked to carry. People know that in life, Blane carries a lot of people. He’s a save-the-world-hero type. Always doing amazing things for people and never asking for anything in return.

There are very few people who will do things for you without keeping score. Blane is one of them.

As odd as this may sound, Blane did not carry me over the threshold on our wedding night. We forgot to do that. It wasn’t important. He’s always there to carry me when I need it. That’s all that matters to us. I’ve done the same for him.

Since I can’t be there with him tomorrow (this is out-of-state, he’s flying there now), I’d like to honor of my hero, Blane, for what he will be doing tomorrow. For what he always does, symbolically. Carry.

Here is a video by My Chemical Romance. It’s gothic, shows the beauty of a Christian funeral. I especially like the ending with the pallbearers and the umbrellas.

My Sorry-Ass Cajun Christmas

Around Thanksgiving my nephew Capone told me he was deboning a turkey. Thinking he must have learned from the experts in Cajun Country, I asked him who taught him how to do that. He said he just looked it up on the internet, found out how to debone a chicken and applied that to the turkey.

He reminds me so much of his dad, not afraid to try anything, especially when it comes to cooking.

So I got me a turkey yesterday and searched YouTube to see if anyone had a video of how to make a turducken. I do have a little clip of what a Turducken is if you want to watch it. I wanted one with a Cajun in there to show you the character of the people down there, to kill two birds with one stone, but I didn’t find it. These people are from Houston and may be from Louisiana (last name is Hebert, that’s gotta be from home), but they don’t sound like it.

No, no. If you want to see a Cajun, a real one. Check out this guy, Poo Poo Broussard. He’s a local comedian and has the Cajun thing down to a “T.”

You HAVE to see this, the viral video that made Poo Poo famous. It is EXACTLY how the most Cajun of Cajuns talk. (just takes 30 seconds of your life)

And that coonass is funny. Here is what would have happened if ET landed in Cajun Country. (sucks one minute of your time)

If you want to see more of him, you can find all of his YouTube videos and homepage here. My favorite line on his “about me” description, “MA MOMMA NEVER WUD BRESS FEED ME, SHE SAID SHE JUS LIKE ME AS A FRIN.”

Cajuns are infamous for making fun of themselves, and this is a little exaggerated, but fun.

So that is what I did last night, seached up YouTube just to hear some voices like mine because I am lonesome for my own.

Watch This *bleep*ing Thing

Spanky showed me this Youtube video, “Count the FCC violations.”

It’s hilarious, go watch.

I am back on my exercise routine starting today after a five month hiatus.

For every person who leaves a comment on this post in the next six hours I will dedicate a quarter mile on the treadmill or bike to you.

Go ahead, make me sweat until I puke.

I dedicate the first mile to Max because of this post.