About Me (Kitty)


I’m an aspiring screenwriter living near Austin, Texas. But this is not my home. Thus, I live to travel, will go anywhere, even if the bathroom is down the hall or in the woods. One day I’ll find the place where I belong. You can read my Whacked Travel Tales :::here::: if you like that sort of stuff.

I believe in late nights and naps and lies to tell the truth. I know laughter and music cures almost anything. I’m a Cajun, so I believe in a lot of extraordinary things (and can cook like a mofo.) My three kids and husband would back me up on the cooking claim.

I’m a volunteer nurse at a free clinic and it’s the best job I have ever had. I also sell a little real estate so I can have a day job to quit when I hit the jackpot with the writing.

Photography is an obsession of mine where I get to learn something new every day. I keep a photoblog called The Cuckoo’s Nest.
You can email me at cinemagypsy@gmail dot com.
My Twitter name is cinemagypsy

Oh yeah, If I were a sculptress, this would be my self portrait:

This metal sculpture was made by UK artists, Mutoid Waste Co.


64 thoughts on “About Me (Kitty)

  1. just found a post by you randomly when checking to se how well google is picking up my little journey – hope you’re keeping in touch with the website and my stories…there’ll be a test at the end you know….

  2. Well I am glad you did because there was a contest, third person to leave a comment gets a pot of gold. You win. All you have to do is go get it next time you see a rainbow (if you stop to photograph that rainbow you will miss the gold).

  3. I found your page through a comment you posted on Celluloid Blonde’s blog. Mind if I add you to my blog roll. I think I will whether you mind or not. Good writers are hard to find.

  4. Kitty,

    One of my early nicknames was Kitten. That’s what my grandma called me. She wasn’t really a grandma, she was more of a grand-mother. She was my dad’s mom, kinda stiff, but the Kitten thing was cool, and I loved her flabby upper arms.

    I’m thinking people from the South (Alabama, here, later growing up in Texas and South California) have a thing for Kittens. How many other Southern girls have you known with some name or nickname that’s a derivation of the species name for the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus)? Okay, and persnickety men (Felix and Sylvester).

    I love your blog. You’re freakin’ hilarious. I had to go search through my emails to find out where we first met. You commented at mysteryoriley back in November. I remember looking you up then, and was reminded more clearly today when I read your About Me page. My memory is still pretty screwed up.

    Particularly, liked your Tainted Holiday post. Gives me hope. Totally (see, South California, not South Carolina) got the feel of the death anniversary and holiday crossover thing. My dad’s funeral (when I was 10) was right before Thanksgiving. He and one of my childhood friends died on November 22 (different years). We’re reminded every year because it’s also the anniversary of JFK’s death. All this stuff comes with the territory of living, huh.

    Don’t you just hate people who post comments that are as long as their blog posts? Too bad. Here it is.

    Thanks for making me laugh today. The morning started out awful, as most still do. Keep writing. I’ll be back. I’m gonna need to laugh more.

  5. Thanks Linda, for your kind words.
    My husband calls me kitten sometimes. My mom never liked cats so I used to wonder why she would give me this name. She told me she named me after a woman who used to help her sew.
    Glad you like my blog and it’s great to hear I’ve made someone smile or laugh.
    I don’t have any problem with long comments. Feel free to write what you want here, that’s what this place is for.

  6. hi
    This is really some thing good to read ,finally found a blog to spend some time,the post regarding whytext is really cool, i told my team members about that and one of them has already prepared to write a love letter for his Girl Friend, haha, keep writing and make me happy and be happy ,have a nice day bye.

    regards, [got to add it to my blog roll]
    kumar gandhi.

  7. Wow. thats all that came to mind after reading your last post. You’re a great writer and I will definitely will be reading up on your posts more often…You can find me at dewmanandbrewguy.wordpress.com

  8. Pingback: People Curious To Learn The Contents Of My Room Hit Me Three Times With The Same Meme « …salted lithium.

  9. Thanks Vance. I learn something new every day and hope to learn lots more by posting photos.

    I deleted the url you filled out because it linked here (don’t know if you meant to do that).

  10. I wasn’t able to find any reference to it when I did a search on your site, but your art made me think of the kind of art found in the desert at Burning Man — something about the sunsets in your photos, I think. From what I did find, it seems like you’re open to travel, and ultimately, Nevada isn’t *that* far from Texas. The Burning Man information is at: http://www.burningman.com

    Its true, the ticket price is expensive, but it is possible to get grants for art projects as well. I’m sure the monies have already been spent for this year’s event, but perhaps in the future…

  11. Hi Robin,
    There is a woman who lives nearby, I’ve taken photos of her yard all decked out for halloween and put them on this blog. Anyway, when I talked to her last, she told me about Burning Man and wrote down the website for me. I don’t remember why she told me about it, but it’s funny you mention it. It does look like an interesting gathering of artists. Maybe I will go one day.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Hey, Kitty, thanks so much for the link-a-roo. 🙂 I’m enjoying your site, not only for the posts you write but for the comments of others. Very cool!

  13. Hi Kitty!
    I am such a spasmo!
    I was trying to put your link on my Thank you blog (mission accomplished now) and it ended up on the site for Faces of Bellingham. I think I got it all fixed.
    I love your blog by the way.
    You are an amazing human.

  14. hello from New Zealand – I clicked on one of your blogs without realising you were on the other side of the world. It feels like other bloggers are just down the road. It’s spring here – the sun is shining, daffodils are blooming and there are lambs everywhere.
    Great stories – and you have one lucky Blane Jnr.

  15. I’ve been reading your blog for a long while, and I just now today realized we have the same template. I swear, my ‘observation’ skills must be hiding under a rock or something!
    Too funny.

  16. A couple of other people who come here use this template as well. Sometimes I forget that I’m on their blog for a second, LOL.
    It’s a great template for just about anything. Great for photos, too.

  17. I’m sorry but i have grown up Cajun AKA coonass and I believe you’ve grown up somewhere in Shreveport LA, Which is not Cajun . Your video of the Cajun viral video of the guy that sounds more like a Mexican is freaking stupid. Please before you call your self Cajun please make sure you really are one.

    Dustin Bordeaux

  18. You must be talking about Poo Poo Broussard who is just about the hottest thing in Cajun Country right now.

    I did not grow up in Shreveport, I grew up near Lafayette. And a little down Bayou Lafourche. I can cook gumbo, catch and boil crawfish, fish oysters (and eat them raw), let’s see… skin a nutria, you better watch out boy, I can give you a good ass whuppin too.

    Now behave on this blog, I know yo mamma didn’t raise you to talk like that.

  19. Hey Kitty love your blog. Cat photo is so cute, coming from me that’s a lot I hate cats for the distraction of wild life they are causing to our Island, but that cute little tabby is forgiven.
    Love your writing style.
    All the best with your blog.

  20. A cajun gal and you had never seen quicksand until mont st. michel? I would have thought you would have love it and the kids would be pulling YOU out! 🙂 Time for you to visit the Red River… fun stuff, actually.

    Great blog and writing!


  21. Thanks DrRob.
    True, I’d never seen it before. I’ve been on swampland and heard lots of stories about people going in and not coming back out (all due to quicksand in my imagination).

  22. Hello, Kitty,
    from London, England, I have been trying to get this blog thing going for a while, mine isn’t really started yet, but soon I hope it will start growing, as yours has. Admittedly I have skimmed a bit but I think your blog is really inspiring, and you seem so strong and cheerful through everything,
    you write beautifully too, your words draw the reader into the stories and thoughts and comments, thank you.

  23. Hi Kitty I just followed you here from Praying To Darwin. Motherhood is driving me nuts at the moment, and your comment about how “the version of your mum you liked better was the less perfect one” was just what I needed to read. Just thought you should know 🙂

  24. Hi mofoka, welcome to here. Thank you regarding that comment, I hope my kids will feel that same way about me when they’re grown up.
    The way I think of it is: less perfect = more fun.

  25. Hi Kitty, just checking, having spent some time on my own blog tonight and seeing your comments there over the years. Ah, the years. Do tell, what’s up with you?

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