My Whacked Travel Tales

We began traveling abroad in 1996 when Spanky was barely out of diapers. With the exception of a couple of trips to England I made alone, we have always taken our children with us.

I’ve created this page with links to my blog posts about our travels.

When in Rome (Italy and Spain)

Traveling with Good and Bad Angels (France and Italy)

You’re Standing in Quicksand -but wait- Let Me Get a Picture of This (Mont St. Michel, France)

More Good Things About Switzerland

Outrunning Rain at the Greenfield Festival (Switzerland)

Let’s Go (Planning a trip to Europe)

Can You Scream in French? (Looking for a Pied a Terre in France)

Peace on You (Turkey)

The Real Rulers of Istanbul (Turkey)

Not a Francesca Sort of Girl A Big Surprise in Rome (2010)

I Want to Go Here (Derbyshire, UK)

Kitty in the City (just me in London)

4-3-2-Pop (Paris Sounds)

The Best Thing About England (I slept on a train next to a male model)

London Blogging

Already Exhausted (and we haven’t even left yet) (Planning a trip to Europe)

WTF That’s All About (I won a castle trip to England)

Downloaded (Derbyshire, UK, ’05)

Beautiful Things (Paris)

Chat Noir (near Paris)

Misadventures and Special Skills (Road trip with the girls from France to Switzerland)

Kisses from Paris

Spanky’s Metro (Paris)

Ear It Is, Paris

Trash Day (Venezuela)

Save the Kransekake (An English Wedding)

Big Easy Pieces (New Orleans)

They Grow Lemons in Portugal 

“You’ve had your fun, now pay for it!” (Santorini, Greece)

Greece is the word (Athens, Greece)

More stories to come…I promise


14 thoughts on “My Whacked Travel Tales

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  2. Kitty, that’s great…and depressing! Last night I was going to make the same link…but now I’ve seen where you’ve been….forget it!

    I look forward to randomly clicking on some of these links!

  3. Yes, I lived in Europe. But most of the mayhem revolved around my family. They put the funk in dysfunctional.

    Thanks for the idea, Kitty! Gee, where haven’t you been? And where are you going next?

  4. I would love to go to the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador, South America). It was something I considered doing for the holidays (’07), but just didn’t have the cycles to put it together in time.

    Before the girls finish growing up, I’d like to take them to China or Japan. Spanky wants to go to Tokyo, but I think Hong Kong would be more fun for all of us.

  5. What difference between Hong Kong and Tokyo makes it more enjoyable for kids?

    I’m always under the impression Hong Kong is glamorous but seedier.

    It’s those Jet Li action movies lol

    BTW, I had the opportunity to visit HK this year but I skipped. I didn’t want to leave the gym. I know, LAME! lol

  6. I tend to work out just as much while traveling as I do at home. Carrying my backpack, carting groceries, hiking, etc…
    That is one of the reasons for the exercise, to have the stamina to stay on the feet all day.
    Make use of it, Girl, don’t ever let it pin you down.

    I always thought Spanky would prefer Tokyo over HK (She loves anime, manga, J-Pop), but last night she told me she would rather HK.

  7. Wow! This is great, I’ve got some reading to do now. ( some I remember) You are getting very techno savy. When I was lurking I saw that you did your own editing! Organization is a beautiful thing. Kitty, this is cool.

  8. Thanks. One day I’ll put all of my recipes on one page. That way, when the girls are grown up they can come here and see how I made all these secret family recipes.

  9. Kitty, if I was to put all of my recipes on one page it would have to be links to yahoo maps …..directions to Starbucks, Taco Bell and Teri&Yaki chicken. It’s cold here in your shadow….LOL!

  10. Hi,
    I read that you are traveller. Did you visit Tunisia?

    If no, Hope you make a plan to do visit Tunisia. You’ll admire many things here.

    You are welcome 🙂


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