While brushing my teeth yesterday morning I looked up at myself in the mirror and saw this:

Actually it wasn’t that bad yesterday because it wasn’t noticeable unless I looked up. Today it is worse, it has spread to the iris (colored part) and it is getting worse by the hour.

I’m not really worried, this is not something to see a doctor about, it just looks scary. And it takes a long time to go away, about two weeks.

My family is freaking out. They have to look at it, I don’t. They also have to deal with my freaky medical self-treatment ideas such as, “I wonder if I could stick a needle in my eye and pop that blood blister?” (seriously, I want to do that)

Good thing this didn’t happen in my brain, that is called a stroke.


8 thoughts on “Monstah

  1. One of my friends recently had this happen, in exactly the same area and of the exact same color. He believes a monster posing as a girl caused it, but I told him that was ridiculous. It has since gone away, so your lack of alarm is well founded.

    Stay away from monsters though. Just in case.


  2. Will stay away from the monsters. This thing was supposed to take 2 weeks to heal, and it got a lot worse the day after this photo, but it only took about 5 days to completely go away. Lucky for me, that thing was ugly!

  3. Hi Kitty – the same thing happens to my wife on a regular basis. No pain; it’s just suddenly there. Sometimes it’s gone in as little as 48 hr; usually about the same as yours – up to 5 days. She works at a hospital and has had Dr’s look at it and they don’t believe her that it goes away on it’s own that quickly… and they don’t know what to make of it.

    Hope you and yours enjoyed the holidays. I haven’t been a regular visitor for quite awhile but I’ll work on that.

    • Hi Norm,
      You probably haven’t missed too much in your absence as I have gotten quite lazy with the blog. I have another that I’ve been a little better at keeping up, a photoblog:
      I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday as well. We just stayed home and enjoyed the company of family.
      Good to “see” you again.

  4. Kitty, I am also glad this didn’t happen in your brain. it’s almost as if someone put a leach on your eyeball in the night while you were sleeping. actually, you might want to considering placing some motion detectors around your room just in case. those leaches have healing powers but they sure do leave a mark in the morning.

  5. Ha, yeah it does look like a leach got to it. I’ve heard putting out a bowl of beer in your garden will attract and drown snails, I wonder if that would work on night terror leaches?

  6. Just reading this. I really hope you saw a doctor that specializes with your retna. My mom had a ‘stroke’ in eye, it left her blind.
    Best wishes.

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