Projekt Revolution 2007 Set Times

Here’s something I wish we’d been able to find online before the show, what times the bands are playing. One would think it’s printed on the ticket. It’s not.


This is from the booklet they gave out at the doors and not specific to the Dallas show. Keep in mind that show times could change. The shows did run about 15 minutes earlier than this schedule.

Also, if you are unable to get to Projekt Revolution, see it live online in August at Or you could paste this url into your media player and get a better stream:

If anyone knows the day of that MySpace show, speak up. [Edited note: The concert will air on August 22nd at 4:30 PM EST, 1:30 PST.]

Don’t miss Spanky’s Review of Projekt Revolution 2007.

If you are looking for 2008 set times, click here.


43 thoughts on “Projekt Revolution 2007 Set Times

  1. I am going to see if I can find out on a social network. A little experiment. I could try a sleep experiment but that would be boring and require permission. lol

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  4. Thanks Jen, it’s great to have you around, girl. So resourceful. i need to pick your brain now about video editing programs.

    Sophia, this is just a list of the times the bands play for this tour. Since they still have about a month left to go and they play the same concert in different cities, it would be useful to people who are going to it. It’s a great thing to have if you don’t want to stay for the entire concert. For us, it was just too hot to be out there all day. We didn’t want to miss MCR though, so we just weren’t sure of what time to go.

  5. Kitty, There is a discussion thread on Mix right now about editing programs. Including Avid is still giving out it’s freeeeeee DV version unti Sept. One. I am not sure if I can link you straight into that discussion but lets give it a try. ? what video editor do you use? I hope that worked, I will email you an invite to join mix. You do Not need an invite to join. Mix is a social network ( sort of a bunch of linked blogs. with a main page. ) I have one under contruction for autism and Mitochondrial DNA myopathies DNA mutant families
    Now for the avid link Avid Free DVD until Sept 1, only If you have a MAC I would get the tutorials and sign up for the classes offfered at the Apple store.

  6. anyone know how the revolution stage works?
    will any ticket get us up front, like if we have a lawn ticket do we have to be in the back ror does it only apply for the main stage?

  7. The Revolution Stage is the one for the earlier bands and lawn seat tickets are just as good as pit tickets for this part of the show. First one there gets the best spot. No assigned seating.

    The Main Stage has a pit and you need the wristband to get in there. Those tickets sold out fast. Behind the pit is assigned seating in which tickets are required. They do check your tickets about half of the time, so it is possible to sneak into the seated area. Just wait until a pack of people overwhelm the security guard and breeze on by. You could snatch an empty seat that way or hang out in the walkways for an upclose look or to take some photos.

    There are always counterfeit wristbands circulatiing the grounds, if you know the right people. And you can always sneak into the pit if you are slick enough.

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  9. Thanks for the info. I can’t wait until August 22! It won’t be the same as actually being there, but it’s better than trying to piece together one minute clips from Youtube to get an idea of what it was like LOL

  10. Oh, you’ll enjoy it. This is one of the summer’s hottest tours (I’d say the hottest in the US).
    The energy in that crowd was the highest I’ve seen this year and we’ve seen a lot of shows this year, more than we’ve written about.

    I’m trying to get Sweetpea (my 16 year old) to do a review of Warped Tour’s Dallas show.

  11. wow… It’s been along time I’ve lost Taking Back Sunday.. Hope this Projekt Revolution would be their best perfomance.. Hope you can swing your mic anymore, Adam.. Hoho..
    Rock On..

    Live Earth..

  12. He does still swing that mic but his voice is cracking up on him. I saw TBS a year ago, just after Louder Now came out and it was an amazing show. A
    A few months later I saw them again and his voice was hoarse, he was downing Red Bulls and seemed as if he had the flu or something.
    For Live Earth, about 7 months down the road… worse than ever.
    His voice is a little better, but really, the dude needs to stop touring for a while and let that voice rest. If it weren’t for Fred Mascherino (guitarist) backing him up with vocals, there would be no show.

  13. Thanks for the set list. That is a huge huge help. I have to work midnights the night before the show and now I know what time to show up to see the bands that I like. Thanks for posting that.

  14. I used to work midnights. Oh I know.
    Glad I could be of some help. Please keep in mind the times could change. That is probably one of the reasons the PR people don’t post the them (I also suspect it has lots to do with them not wanting everyone to skip out on the lesser known bands who play first).

    I’ve looked around at other blogs of people who’ve gone and it is the same setup in the other cities they have played.

  15. i went to the WPB 8/10/07 show and i had the time of my life. i went there to see HIM (my 3rd time seeing them live) but i ended up falling madly in love with MCR. i never heard any of their stuff other than ‘welcome to the black parade’. they way that they rocked the crowd got me so damn energized that i’ve almost become obsessed with them. i have t-shirts, cds, and posters. everything from the background of my computers is covered with MCR images. needless to say i liked their performance better than HIM’s and i can honestly say that was one of the best performances i have seen in my life. you can totally say i jumped on the bandwagon, and i’m not ashamed either. just wasn’t exposed to them properly i guess. but during the performance i kept thinking, how the hell did i not fall for them years ago. i guess being a workaholic and a student doesn’t help. LMAO. linkin park was beyond awesome as well. again, i’m not as familiar with their music, only the older stuff, but i had a fan-damn-tastic time. totally worth skipping work and almost getting fired.

  16. Fallen, what an amazing comment. I too fell for MCR when I first heard them live in the summer of ’05. They just had a sound I had never heard before and it clicked instantly.
    Don’t be ashamed, MCR’s sound is the future of rock. Some of the older rockers are resisting, but it’s happening and they’ll have to jump on the bandwagon with us or just get left in the dirt with their finite record collections. : )

    Linkin Parks performance was phenomenal. As close to perfection in live music as it gets. This tour is “The” music event of the summer.

  17. Thank you so much for posting the set times. It makes my life a million times easier for the Camden show. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  18. where is the tour anyway? i really need to know, i like every single band there… and if i don’t get to see it i’ll die.

  19. So these set times are pretty accurate for all the shows? It would save me a lot of time and hassle if they were. I do appreciate you posting those. It already saves me quite a bit of time.

  20. Yes the times are accurate, I noticed the times for the show on MySpace is the same as this set list they played in Dallas. I’ve seen set times posted of shows in other cities and they are the same as this list.
    They could change if a band doesn’t show up or if something goes wrong.
    In some cities they are running a little early, 15-30 minutes early.

    Hey it’s playing on MySpace live today.

  21. heyy does anyone know if any of the bands r signing??? pleaseeee let me know im a huge fan of saosin and i would love to meet them so if u know please tell me

  22. I believe someone was doing signings. Come back later, I’ll ask my daughter and find out exactly who was doing them.

    Oh, if you like Saosin you should check out Spanky’s other guest post, I have a really good photo of them in there. We’ve seen them three times and my photos of Saosin all look the same, they photograph well, especially the lead singer.

  23. Thanks so much for posting the set list. It IS really helpful to know before the show, especially since my friend loves the band that will be on first. Good to know we should get there on time. Don’t know why they don’t make this list more obvious. Helps a lot.

  24. I just realy wanna say thank you, I am so appreciative. this is my 10yr old son’s 1st concert (not counting aaron carter 6 years ago lol ) I am taking him to the camden show for his birthday and we found out it;s going to be 100 degrees and humid so to be there all day in order to see TBS, MCR and LP would have not been so GREAT.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU> from on grateful mother who will not die of heatstroke now

  25. You are one cool mother to sweat out the Aaron Carter concert (my husband took my girls to see him too, back in the day).
    Wow, you two are in for some fun. Have a great day out.

  26. Oh, and I know this sounds really uncool, but you might want to pick up a couple of pair of those foam earplugs. (A lot of very cool people do wear them)
    Linkin Park turns up the volume about double. My ears were hurting. Just tell your son if he wears them he’ll be able to hear music when he is an old man.

  27. My nephew and I are attending the Camden show later today. It’ll be our first concert at the Tweeter Ctr there….does anyone know if we can take a backpack in?

  28. I’m attending the show in Camden today with my nephew. This will be our 1st LP concert! Has anyone else been to the Tweeter Ctr there? We’ve got lawn tickets & not sure what to expect…

  29. Jane, according to Live Nation’s website regarding the Tweeter Center in Camden:
    Guest are welcome to bring:
    – Disposable Cameras or Digital Camera (no removable lenses)
    -Backrests that sit flat on the ground (without legs)
    – Small bags or Backpacks (Detailed Inspection)
    – Seat Cushions
    – Snack or Picnic Food in (1) Clear, Plastic Gallon Size Bag, (1) per Person
    – Bottled water (factory sealed – (1) per Person

    If you click that link it also lists things you can’t bring. Just scroll down to the bottom of that page and click the button “What I can bring.”
    Have a great time with your nephew.

  30. i got a question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need some help with it it say doors open for main stage at 4 15 iam seeing it at pnc bank art center and theres only one stage so do i need 2 tickets or something there 2 times where it says doors open help !!

  31. No you do not need two tickets. Your one ticket will get you in the doors when they open at 11:45. These shows play on two different stages, but not at the same time. The Revolution stage for us was set up in the parking lot but after you get through the gates.

    Everyone is at the Revolution Stage until about 4:00 and then they all move to the Main Stage.
    Check this thread which is on the LP website and (I believe) is specific to the PNC Bank Art Center show.

  32. Hey Kitty,

    Sorry for the late “Thank You”…my nephew & I had a great time at the LP/PR concert! I think we both sweated off a few pounds that day but LP & co put on a great show…can’t wait to see them again next time!

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