Why Debone?

People who have not had a turkey this way ask “why debone?”

Besides it being a new twist (I’m a writer, I’m big on twists) on an old tradition, it’s great if you have a small oven and a big turkey. It also cooks faster, doesn’t tend to dry out, and the seasonings are more uniform throughout. When it’s time to carve it up, well, there is no carving. You just slice right through it like butter and everyone gets to eat it while it’s still hot.


Here’s a photo of the deboned turkey I roasted for Thanksgiving.

I didn’t stuff it since I don’t like my stuffing all sogged up with turkey drippings. After deboning, I rubbed it it with Cajun seasoning (Tony’s is good), some minced garlic, and about a stick of melted butter, then let it marinate for a few hours. It only took three hours in a 325 degree oven to cook. Considering this was a 26 pound turkey (bone in weight), I’ve lessened my carbon footprint along the way.

Here’s a good tutorial on Youtube if you want to know how to debone a turkey or a chicken. If you like to cook, you might want to consider trying it this way. Just make sure you have a sharp knife.

After a lovely dinner with my family and some friends, we all watched Wall-E. It’s a CG animated film, but I don’t think it was made for little kids. It’s about a robot that lives alone on Earth 800 years into the future, when humans have destroyed the planet with garbage and God knows what else. The humans have all gone to live in outer space on a luxury cruise liner where everything is so automated they have all gotten obese and can’t even walk because they’ve lost bone density (that’s what happens if you don’t exercise).

Anyway, poor Wall-E is on Earth cleaning up all the trash and trying to get the Earth inhabitable again for the humans to return. It’s an excellent movie and is out on DVD now.

A couple of our guests mentioned that they saw people were already lined up at Best Buy for their after Thanksgiving Day Sale. This was a full 16 hours before the store opened.

So we all took a ride out to the Best Buy near our house and sure enough, people were really lined up. Some of them had tents. Here’s a photo.


I rolled down the window and asked a guy in line what he was buying. He said a plasma tv for $599. A woman farther back in line said she was buying a laptop computer for $399.
Everyone seemed to be in a wonderful mood, I guess it was sort of like a party out there for them, something different to do.

Blane couldn’t wrap his mind around it. “Why don’t they just go work somewhere for a few hours to make up the difference and buy it at regular price?”

Although I’ve never camped out at a store for deal like that, I have punched a time clock. I can see not wanting to do my regular job, rather hanging with other bargain hunters for the night instead. Also, these people might not have the opportunity to put in extra hours at work. I can understand that.

At about three this morning Scrappy had a panic attack. That means one of two things. Garbage man or big storm. Looked out the window and it was like a monsoon rain.

I feel for the people in that line right now. I hope there was someone in that store to let them inside the first set of double doors to wait out the storm.


11 thoughts on “Why Debone?

  1. I used to manage a bookstore and a magic shop at a Mall, and I know this is going to sound weird but for about a week after Thanksgiving it was fun to be working in retail around Christmas time.

    People were excited and happy about the upcoming holiday- that wore off pretty quick but it was good while it lasted.


  2. I’m with Scrappy! I hate it when the wind howls and the storm breaks over our head.

    But $399 for a laptop. Hmmm…. That’s a pretty good deal. Not sure I’d want to get soaked in order to not get soaked, if ya know what I mean.

  3. Your photos and chats with the shoppers made me feel all cozy and Christmasy. As a whole I’m with Blaine but, wow, think of loving someone so much that you would camp out overnight to buy them a gift. Kinda seems romantic.

  4. Wife: Where were you last night??!!

    Hubby: Camping out at Best Buy for your Christmas present.

    Wife: Prove it.

    Husband shows her the plasma tv.

    Wife: Liar, you know that is not for me.

    Writinggb, we just had to replace Spanky’s laptop and there wasn’t anything out there for that price.

    Anita, you’ll have to tell some of those magic shop stories.

    I’m seeing people writing about putting up their trees and am dreading doing it. I used to love all that when the kids were little. Now it is such a chore.

  5. We got to eat it again yesterday and no one complained. I sent everyone home with Ziplocks full of leftovers so I shouldn’t be putting them through too much leftover torture.

  6. Kitty – may I simply say YUM? The colour on that pumpkin bread alone is enough to make a girl hungry. (I have a sweater that colour so I could pretend to BE pumpkin bread I suppose, but it scratches my neck so hmmmm…). About the deboning – I was always under the impression that the juiciness was related to the bones. I.e that leaving them in and letting the turkey sit for a while after it’s out of the oven allowed all the juices to go back from the bones into the Turkey? But the whole shorter cooking time and eating it hot does have it’s appeal. I mean, I’m not a huge turkey fan to begin with but it is cool to hear all the different ways to go about it… Personally, I am VERY partial to the stuffing that comes from inside the bird. (drooling as I think about it…)

    Anyhoo – belated Happy Deboned Turkey Day to you and yours you magnificent chef-woman you!!!!

  7. Michele, turkey sandwich, turkey pot pie, turkey pizza… I have done some turkey recycling, LOL.

    I’ve never heard that about bones, Sulya. Too bad you don’t live near me, I’d be pushing that pumpkin bread on you.

  8. I wish I had deboned my turkey. I’m willing to try anything next year. This year’s turkey came out really dry and I almost ruined Thanksgiving. Luckily, the sides made up for it.

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